Can i fix this hori stick in any way?


Hi! i bought this arcade stick 2 years ago with my ps3 and it was bad experience the stick it self had problems with directions like if i’m playing king of fighters it often do upward jump instead of up-right or up-left jump, in side scrolling games like metal slug it often crouch when i try to move right or left, i didn’t find a way to fix it and wasn’t able to return it because it was hard to explains the problem… so i sucked it up and left it to rot for all this time but now i feel like playing some fighting games and was thinking if there’s a way to fix it? im very newb to this and don’t know where to look and don’t want to buy another stick if possible because this one was expensive for me and i didn’t use it at all


It sounds like you just need to practice with it. Try to make your movements more precise.


contact hori and notify them of the problem you´re having. it could be the micro switches. if not, then the wiring. if both of those are working properly, then the problem is in the board. replacing a micro switch, or the wiring harness is simple and inexpensive. fixing a problem in the board, however is hori´s job, regardless of when you bought the stick. good luck getting this to work.


thanks a lot i sent them mail and waiting for answer, is there a way to test anything from my side?


Was it always like that? if so then it’s probably you and you just need practice with a stick and its square gate.
Plug it in your PC and and go control panel, hardware and sound, devices and printers, then properties on your stick and you should see a screen where it will show when you press buttons and move the stick, test to see if it goes in all directions properly, up down left right then the 4 corners.


Yeah, you really should test the inputs before sending it in. Use a pc, or at least use the “display input” option in training mode in whatever game you’re playing. I’m willing to bet the problem is your unfamiliarity with arcade sticks, or at least Japanese arcade sticks, which are way more sensitive (i.e. “touchy”) than American style sticks


yeah it was always like that but i quickly forgot about it because i was interesting in other types of games that doesnt involve the need of it
and i did this before the stick pattern moves like diamond instead of circle when i make full circle move, until i really make it slow and push it hard on the up-right/up-left directions, while it feels more responsive to down-right down-left


Japanese sticks typically have square restrictor gates, you can get an octagonal gate or a circular gate if you would prefer that.

As for the difficulty of hitting the upper corners versus the lower corners, look at how your hand/fingers/ wrist moves when you’re going both ways- down Movements require less effort with most grips.

You could also use an oversized actuator to shorten the engage distance (with “engage” meaning how much movement it takes before the microswitch is pressed), but be warned that this will also require a bit more precision to avoid accidental jumps.

Personally, I prefer an octagonal gate with shorter engage and throw ("throw being how far the lever will physically move). For the jlf (which is what your stick should have in it), I use a kowal actuator and an octagonal gate, though there’s nothing mechanically wrong with a stock one. Either way, it will take some practice and getting used to.


thanks alot for the information im really newb to this so i dont know about those gates is it like button or switches because i have like 4 switches on the upper right i didnt touch them, also i will test more and see more guides for a better grips mine is kinda lame but it worked back then on big arcade consoles when i was standing while playing not sitting

i will spend the night testing with random games hope the problem with my grip and not something related to the stick parts


If there’s a problem with the stick, it would most likely be microswitches on the jlf, which is super easy to fix. If you bought the stick brand new, that’s pretty unlikely. Not impossible, just unlikely.


Does the gate feel like a diamond or a square? If it feels like there is a corner on up, down, left, and right then the gate insert on the JLF is in 4-way mode. It would need to be rotated to allow all 8 directions to be used.


Ha,I didn’t even think of that. I dint know why they would ship one like that, but this is the same company (hori) that can’t seem to connect a 5 pin harness in several of the hrap v4, so it’s possible.


this is what the stick look like from inside


That looks correct, and the gate is setup for 8way motion. If you push the stick to the left and slowly rotate it 360 degrees do you hear the ‘clicks’ from all the microswitches? You should here a click everytime a microswitch engages or disengages.

Also, what system are you using the stick on mainly? A PC?


Yes computer because my favorite ps3 fighting games all came to computer now.
so its fine? i thought i need to replace it with something like this


The restrictor looks like it’s correct.

Like others have said: check out your execution first. Go to the fighting game of choice, go to the training mode, and turn on input display. Do the move you think you’re going (say, a QCF or HCB move), then look at the commands that the game registered. You should be able to feel the microswitches click every time you press and release a direction.

You don’t need the octogonal gate, it’s just an option that some people prefer.


The octagon is restrictor gate is a preference thing, there’s nothing wrong with the square. It will be closer to what you were expecting (based on your experience with American style levers that have circular movement) with the octagon though.


thanks a lot guys for your help i ordered it anyway since its cheap and quite easy to install will update if things got better with it


Go into control panel on your PC, go look under devicemanager or something, look up your Hrap, press properties and then test.
You can see if your device recognizes the directional inputs and if something is actually “broken”.

Honestly, i’m willing to bet that your arcade stick isn’t broken and it is your excecution. With square gates it is sometimes diffcult in the beginning to find the up,down,left and right because they are just flat surfaces.
In the beginning i used to think that an octagon gate might be usefull, but honestly, it is just a bit of practice and the most important corners or more pronounced on a square gate. Just learn on square gate.


Square gate 4 lyfe~