Can I fix this stick?

I’ve had this Tekken 5 HORI stick since it came out, but only used it relatively recently. However, it’s been battered and now it is doesn’t really work anymore. This is what the cable looks like. Does anyone know if this is fixable?

looks fixable. is that the cable that hooks to the console? it should be a pretty simple fix really.

Hot glue that ish and black electrical tape. Problem solved. Unless you have shorts or cut wires, then you would have to solder.

You could always add a dual shock PCB inside for a secure fix.

when its fixed open it up the wire a bit in so it will not happen again

Thanks for the replies. However, the wires are cut. Does this mean I should solder it? I’ve never actually done anything with a stick before, though I understand things despite not doing them before.

If the wires are cut, why not splice them together and then tape over the joint?

Or check if someone else has a spare T5/HRAP cable and just use that.