Can I get a new Avatar?

Whats Great everyone, I tired of this avatar I have, I love you Edible , but im tired of seein’ your face get bagged by the paper beg…can someone give me an Avy with IM, Mags, and Sent…good lookin out…100:D

I don’t believe your still wearing that. God I completely forgot about it.

I know

Terrible right, school work kept me from gettin on the internet like that, now I have nothin but time, some one look me out please…

Im sayin’ though

Is someone gonna do me right, I really would like that new avatar, of Iron Man, Magneto and Sentinel,I am so tired of this one, Holla if anyone wants to do it…Thanx:D

hey man ill do it…haha this will be my second av today with the same team…:lol: ok working on it bud.:cool:

ok…here you go man,let me know if want something changed…:cool:


Thats cool with me…Appreciate it…:smiley:

Hey, tonbarry, would you make an avatar for me? I want that same team except different colors. I would like the black Sentinel, red/black Magneto, and red/white Iron Man with my name on it. Thanks, man. :smiley:


Thats my 3rd choice of colors for that team…My 1st choice is the Light purple Magneto, Purple and Blue Sentianl, and Light Orange and Red Iron Man…:smiley: