Can I get a notation for the spiral swords loop?



I looked around but I can’t find it.


Any combo into judgement cut L, activate spiral swords and hold L, lunar phase, release L round trip, cr.H xx judgement cut L, rinse n repeat.

There’s a few other ways to do it, that’s what i do and i’m consistent with it.


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I find found anything that didn’t involve 2C before activating swords to be quite inconsistent; depending on the hit that came before the judgement cut and the opponent’s hitbox there are lots of situations where it’s easy for them to drop out without the 2C before the activation. I’m not saying it can’t be done without, there’s just no reason to not do it, as it both normalizes the height and gives you an extra hit.


Yeah, it’s probably better to do the cr.h before canceling into swords. I can do the loop without cr.h very consistent, i just wait until the last hit of j cut connected instead of cancelling it immediately, this way the opponent lands into the swords rather than just surfing on it. I have no problem to get lunar phase fully connected everytime this way. But still the cr.h version is one more heavy hit though.


Hey guys, I’m having trouble connecting the round trip after lunar phase w/ spiral swords. There are times where I release L round trip too early and nothing comes out, or I release L round trip too late and it whiffs.

Thoughts or suggestions?


Whats the whole combo your trying?

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I’m having the same problem. After lunar phase I let go of L and either nothing happens or it’s too slow. What’s the proper timing?