Can I get an avi?

Can some one make me a avi or sig of Maru and Moro from Holic playing the air guitar?

Any help?

I can make you something. But I’ll make what I want ( as an artist, I can’t let you influence my vision. )and put your name on it but you have to rock it for a month and I want credit on your signature for it. Please let me know if you agree to this conditions.

Don’t feel pushed to accept my terms. There are many talented artist here that will demand less of you.

Examples of my latest works.

I’ll think about it but I really want this avi of maru and moro.

0_o … uhhh are you serious… sorry if im offeneding you but… sounds kinda weird… seriously… wtf…:sweat:

anyways umm team scrub, give me a pic to use and i’ll make it for ya

Not offended. I am weird.

I found a site with the Maru and Moro playing the air guitar but its a short video cause I wanted my avi to be moving, It doesn’t have to belong I just want them to be moving in my avi but if you can’t do that a pic would be fine too. do you think you can help me out??

My SN doesn’t have to be on the avi.


I really like that video especially when they start head banging. lol

im just going to do the pic cuz i dont know how to rip from a clip… might wanna ask celcius for a avatar like that, but you’re not a premium member so he’ll probably not do it cuz you need lots of kb to work with

Press the Print Screen button then paste to copy video clips.

i mean rip a part of the animated clip to like a .gif file, not just a frame lol but yeah i guess print screen + print screen + etc can get you the same thing… lol i dunno

Well when i made my freind a magical trevor avatar i just went to the flash movie and kept pushing prnt screen and pasting it on ps lol. But thats just my way of doing that i guess.

Well If you can’t make it a gif I can settle for the pic but if ya figure it out how to do it plz give it a try.

Well um I’m still looking to get this avi done so I guess who ever is willing to do it I will accept.

I’ll take a stab at it:

Damn That Is Awsome!!! Thank You So Much Celcius You Fucking Pwn Man!!!

Glad to help :karate:

Here you go:

->Yeah Dood’s GIF making tut<-

I hope that helps out… dood.