Can I get my artwork Printed at Walmart's Photo center?


Has anyone tried getting their fightstick artwork printed at a Walmart? I’m trying to print an artwork for my Quanba (Q4RAF). There’s a Kinkos but it’s a 30 min drive.


My walmart wouldn’t unless I could prove it was my artwork. It might depend on the worker too, the lady I got was a bitch (maybe a bad day for her).


Really? I didn’t know I’m required to prove it’s my artwork. I guess I can try it out and see what I can do.


poverty in the fgc is no joke


They usually will not print anything that they believe may be copyrighted material.


Not at a Walmart, but I’ve ordered them their website. I ordered the 11x14 prints and trimmed them down a bit. I highly recommend getting a matte finish, because the glossy prints showed a sticky residue when plexi is pressed on top of it.