Can I get some advice


Hello everyone. I just got this game last week and am having fun playing it. I’m a casual player and I would like to ask for some tips on dealing with players who dash attack all day. I’ll shield or spot dodge to avoid damage, but their dash attach will put them far enough where I can’t counter or grab (or if it’s the edge of the stage I’m facing the wrong way.). Like today I was fighting a Little Mac who just have doing lunge punches at me and I was Duck Hunt. Now I at least know that the key to beating LM is to get him off the stage since his recovery is poor but I had a lot harder time doing that than I should have I think and ended up losing when I unsheilded at the wrong time to miss a grab or online lag kicked in and I didn’t get a shield at all and just whopped. Anyway, any tips for helping me not get cheezed out like that?


OK so Little Mac is one of the few online characters that can get away with this mostly because of lag, but there are good ways of dealing with it.

Obviously the best option is to block and punish but you have to be on point with it since you dont have much time. Duck Hunt has a decent throw range and I’d wager that’s your best option. Honestly, most online Little Mac players do exactly what you’re talking about and follow up with a smash or something else. If you’re not confident in punishing the dash attack, wait for their second attack and hit them after that. Some of these guys will catch on, and start trying to grab you, but Little Mac’s grab game isn’t that great. Realistically, you should be trying to punish all dash attacks as it’s severely unsafe, but it’s just harder to realize when you actually can do it.

Another option is to poke him before he gets to you during his dash attack. I’ll bet you can poke him out with Duck Hunt’s d-tilt. The timing will be rough, but I guarantee they’ll stop dashing in on you rampantly once you show them that it’s not working. Little Mac is a character who has to go in. If you remove that option, he’s pointless. I play Dedede and once I realized his d-tilt was so good at countering dash attacks, Little Mac became a very easy opponent when I started out.

Little Mac also has a hell of a lot of trouble with Duck Hunt’s side B. Abuse that move, and drop a down-B on hit or block. That will keep him scared to approach.

I also find that running directly past without attacking some confuses some overly aggressive players. Seriously. Sometimes doing nothing is your best option.

Hope that helps.