Can I get some help With Printing Lammy Lables for SE Edition artwork mod

I have the templates, i’m well familiar with Photoshop CS4, I finished the artwork. I’m ready to print and THIS is where it got super complicated for me.

Apparently, no company in my City knows what a Laminated label is, or how to make it for that matter. I’ve tried Staples and various artwork design printing companies to no avail. I’m going to try Office Depot, but other than that, i’m at a loss.

Is there a way for me to print a laminated label on my own? Am I simply asking them for the wrong service?

You dont have a kinko’s? They have lamilabel

office depot and office max does it they call it laminated with stick back. idk why but thats what they call it

A bit pricier, but the quality’s hard to beat.

Around my area they are all called office usps print shop some bullshit like that.

I asked like 3 locations and all of them didn’t know what they were, or didn’t carry it anymore.

I was stuck doing a little bit of improvising and came out ok, but wasn’t very good.

I’d probably try game on graphix next if I had another SE to mod.

Do you have to laminate it? I thought there was plexiglass on top of the art.

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