Can i get some online training from a seth player?

he makes no sense to me i think. -___-

edit: i should mention that i would like to main him.

if were close enough, im in canada near vancouver.

add: blaziner

I might be willing to, it depends on when you catch me, im not the best either, im a 2k pp scrub, that has switched to a fight stick s im pretty shit right now, but i can still show u wat to do and when to do it.

I can give you a few tips for what I know…


Send a FR if ya need help, and ask questions while we play(on Xbox)

i wanted to fight against a couple of seth players & i was looking to maybe play with him a lil bit when i get bored playing viper message me on xbl NGB 2 Sliick

i woudn’t mind getting in some time with seth players for a guide to where to go… i play seth and i only know basic no crossup or anything like that yet