Can I get some quick input?

Ive been toying around with an idea that, just for fun, I could write and draw a short story with a kind of interesting twist, but I want to see if anyone else thought it was a good idea first. So here goes:

My idea is that something happens to Scott Summers that causes him to lose his eyes/sight/powers (visor malfunction, infection or disease of some sort, or maybe just accelerated ocular degeneration due to the nature of his powers) and then he somehow becomes the next Daredevil.

I was thinking that in this story Daredevil could have been more active in the 80s/90s and retired by around 2015, 2020, and since I always thought of the X-Men series as in “the not too distant future” that the idea could work. In fact now that I think about it 2020 would be a terrific title/setting for the piece because of the irony of dealing with vision and whatnot lol.

I think it sounds like an interesting idea, and if you think you it will work, you should go for it. [tup]

All I would say is to make sure that what ever takes Scotts powers away, make sure that it is something serious and well thought out, not just convient or weak. (ie. staring into the sun to long)

I thought Daredevil was so cool because you know…he was like a ninja and has like the radioactive radar sense and everything.

Scott Summers without his powers or his eye sight…is just like…a blind dude.

And an honest lawyer, if you can believe that shit.