Can I give away (sell) my EVO spot?

Hello, I posted this in the (now) deleted thread, and it didn’t get answered. I just wanted to know if I can sell (or give away) my EVO spot (to people that didn’t register in time, but want to play), since I am no longer going.

I registered for STHD, and SF4.

Nope. Owned.

im takin yo spot in sf4!
no lie.

Spots are non transferrable.

Okay, I’ll close this thread, then.

Can’t seem to close it, any mod/admin can delete this then.

Let me be more explicit. Your registration is non-transferable. Attempting to sell your spot or buy another person’s spot are grounds for being banned from the event, and potential banning from future events. Do not even try to sell your spot.

Apologies for being so harsh, but we really do have to hold a hard line on this one.

Does the same policy apply to trading pools with other players?

I would assume so since they have to call you by your real or gamer name based on what’s listed on the pool bracket. They’re not going to rearrange the bracket that already took a lot of work to implement just. The last thing Evo needs is more confusion in what will already prove to be a pretty hectic SFIV tournament.

NO modifying any part of your evo registration. Any player found not representing their true identity will be ejected from the tournament, and possibly future tournaments.