Can I have a Sonson sprite?


Can someone give me any good looking sprite of her?
I can’t find it anywhere.:frowning:



Just kidding…here that’s all i could find for you.


Thanks,but it doesn’t look good.:frowning:
I did better:
I still want.If someone have post it please.:smiley:


You just put a green bg in


Maybe if MvC2 was rippable/still being ripped from you’d find one, but alas it isn’t, so just wait.


but it IS rippable

so where be those dev kits at? :confused:


And I also edited.But I know she doesn’t look good.:smiley:


Here’s some, courtesy of supabuu.


Cool!Those are really good looking sprites!
Thank Infinity Plus!


Yeah, I know. That’s why I said IF it was still being ripped. :wink:


Infinity Plus :Are these sprites open source?


Ask BlodiaVulcan5