Can I have my own booth?

Can I have a booth at EVO? I will bring my own chair and table if need be.
I dont require a space in the play area, but I would like a space easily available to the public.
I may be selling some items/providing a paid service, and I am willing to discuss profit sharing. (how little there may be)
However, products and services I may provide may be offensive in nature and therefore you may not want to associate with or support my actions.
I do not however wish to disrupt or compromise the tournament in any way.

If you make it… They will come…

Though this is (I assume) a public event, I do not wish to intrude upon any space I am not welcome to, nor do I wish to create any animosity or step on any toes.
Better to seek permission then to seek forgiveness.

Inkblot and Ponder, let the man have a booth. It’ll be entertaining, and you know you want a Philth brand shirt. They could be the unofficial shirts of Evo.


Give the man his own booth dammit!

Jive Out!

give him the booth

Well… can I?

Getting closer to crunch time… I would most appreciate an answer be it yay or nay.

I think ive decided on the contents of the booth being just a place to have amusing shirts made. And perhaps if allowed an access to power, a rice cooker and maybe a small grill for a little ghetto BBQ. I dont plan on sellling the rice or BBQ, just some fun stuff for the booth.

Dont kill the booth, it will be fun fun silly willy.

let the man have his booth

Sorry, no booth.



Can I at least ask why?

how about a lil stand then?

in certain clubs and raves the speed/meth dealers make themselves stand out by wearing odd colored backpacks… why don’t you do the same.

since many are anticipating stinky players i might just sell some deoderant… look for the guy wearing an a/x bag shaped like a box.

since you’re doing a public service, give away paper bags to hide all the ugly.

are the ec peepz that fugly?

Deuce’s location says southern cali… not ec :slight_smile: