Can I hire someone here to do joystick artwork?

I’m just looking for someone with a decent hand to create some custom SF artwork for me for a Madcatz SE joystick. PM me if you’re interested–I’d be willing to pay a reasonable price.

If you are interested, though, make sure you have a sense of humor before you PM me.

(Mods – I’m a new user, so if it’s not kosher to commission work outside the Trading Outlet, please just delete this or let me know)

I should add that I’m looking for something in a more cartoonish style, like in the anime movie.

Sorry, I don’t really know how to describe all this art stuff. Something like these, I guess:

TERRELL WASHINGTON uploaded this image to
Jason Nivens uploaded this image to

edit: VVVV Thanks! Fixed! VVVVV

all but the last link don’t work