Can I leave my fightstick plugged in my PC?


I’ve been leaving my fightstick connected to my PC 24/7, will it wear out any component?


it’s actually better to leave it plugged in all the time than to be constantly plugging and unplugging it. the first thing that breaks on most sticks is the usb cable.

only unplug your controller if either it or your computer need to be transported somewhere.


It’s fine. With my ps3 TE stick, sometimes I have to unplug/replug it cause when my PC goes on sleep mode Alot of times it’ll make the turbo act up


Actually I think leaving it plugged in consantly is supposed to be a bad thing, you’re then always running power to the PCB and opening it up to being exposed to power surges etc. I’d like to hear @Darksakul weigh in on this.


Leaving the cable in does have it’s hazards
I see the controller cable or the PC gets damaged if you trip and accidentally rip out the cord, or knock into the plug and break the USB port socket.

Not an issue if you know how to wrap your controller cable up correctly.
Never wrap the cord around the stick, instead put your cable into lose loops and secure with velcro cable tie straps.