Can I make a arcade stick with a wireless 360 and cthulhu board?

I wanted to make an arcade stick with a sixaxis (which is non-cg) and an old non-cg wireless 360 controller. But, then I learned I cannot make a combo arcade stick with non-cg controllers.

So I decided I will sacrifice one of my better/newer CG wireless controllers and get a Cthulhu board. Now, I learn that you do not want to power both controllers at the same time.

Problem is, when you hold down the guide button, the 360 controller turns on so when I’m in PS mode and I hold the PS Button (which will be the guide button) the 360 controller will turn on. Is that really bad for both controllers?

If it is, what do you suggest?


Its only bad because say you’re in a tournament with both 360’s and ps3’s. You plug in to the ps3 for your match and you press the home button. The 360 controller will turn on and interupt the last xbox it was synced up to. Imagine if someone was playing a tournament match on that xbox… quick way to make enemies really fast.

I have done a dual wireless mod with a sixaxis and cg wireless 360 controller so it is possible, but depending on your capabilities, mighat be too hard.

Why not just go with a wired dual mod instead? You can combine the cthulhu with a madcatz 360 controller.

That’s why wireless is typically banned at tournaments.

Anyone who said that needs to be beaten.

Unless I am misinterpreting this (which I probably am), you are the one who said this

What I get out of that is that you don’t want the wireless controller powered by the batteries while the cthulhu is getting power by the PS3, which will happen if I ever hold the PS/Guide button while I play PS3.

I know u need to connect the power and ground between PCB’s though

But just incase. What would be the cheapest wired 360 cg controller?

Connecting the power from console A to console B is the bad thing. Connecting power from the console in use to PCB A and PCB B is a good thing.

If you have a common ground wireless (even if you don’t it’s still possible, just more annoying) you can do it. Whether you want to is different entirely.

You could just have two separate guide buttons to prevent the wireless controller from “waking up” alongside the other controller but you still have the problem of the wireless controller wanting to “interrupt” the console it’s synced to which would make it worthless in a tournament setting. In a home setting, however, it seems feasible. (And if you were to do that you might as well use a wireless PS3 controller and possibly an AXISdapter as well instead of a Cthulhu to get dual wireless.)

Now, to manage power you may have to use some form of voltage regulation if the wireless controllers don’t both take the same voltage.

And the cheapest wired 360 CG controller would be the Madcatz 4716, I believe – though I don’t know if anyone successfully hacked the Xplorer.


  1. Wireless controllers are problematic at tournaments so your stick might be disallowed.
  2. It’s possible if that doesn’t bother you.
  3. Dual wireless may be more convenient than wired + wireless.

I suck too much at fighters to go to tourney’s lol. I am just doing this for fun and i enjoy casual playing. Plus, if I lend it to my friend who goes to the tourney’s I’ll just put a hole in for the P&C kit.

I was looking at the schematics of the AXISdapter/360 controller stick and I really don’t feel like soldering all those transistors/diodes/resistors so that’s out. Is it the same if I choose the Cthulhu board?

AXISdapter + SIXAXIS is solderless and would give you a wireless PS3 controller.
The Cthulhu (assembled) is solderless and would give you a wired PS3/PC controller.

The Madcatz 4716 requires soldering connects to padhack it and would give you a wired XBox controller. With just wire it would be a 6-button (ABXY, LB, RB) wired. If you add in some transistors and resistors you can have it 8-button (ABXY, LB, LT, RB, RT).
The wireless common ground 360 controller requires soldering connects to padhack it and would give you a wireless XBox controller. With just wire it would be a 6-button (ABXY, LB, RB) and with some transistors and resistors you can have it 8-button (ABXY, LB, LT, RB, RT).

If you use a wired 360 and wired PS3 controller together you can use the IMP and only have one USB cable coming out of it.

If you use a wireless controller and a wired controller you may need one (or more) voltage regulators to translate power correctly since both controllers must always be powered to use either and both controllers would have to share power.

If both controllers are wireless you may still need one or more voltage regulators.

I am unsure how sleeping and waking work with PS3 and XBox 360 since I own neither. (I’m a PC user.)

But how would I know EXACTLY what I need? Has anyone ever made a type of stick like this? But if it’s as much as the sixaxis/360 controller mod then forget it. I’ll just buy a madcatz and a cthulhu board. I’m not gonna bother with the IMP board. I don’t mind having 2 USB cables



OK I drew up a schematic. The teal wires represent all the control signals that come out of PCB’s so that should come out to 30 wires going into the terminal with 2 wires per socket as they share the same signal. As well the 2 PCB grounds will go into one socket and the 3 stick and button ground wires will go into the connecting socket. (This is correct right?)