Can I mod an american arcade with a Sanwa stick + buttons?

Hey everybody…I own an original Killer Instinct machine, and am just now starting to buy various PCB’s to use with it (besides KI itself!), but have recently fallen in love with Sanwa sticks/buttons due to an awesome custom purchase I made from this very place.

My question is, is there a way that I can replace the Happ buttons/jostick from my machine with Sanwa and/or Seimitsu joysticks/buttons? I’m not sure if the dimenions are the right size, etc. Needless to say, I’m using the standard 6 button fighter setup with all Happ parts.

Any help would be appreciated!

IIRC the Sanwa JLW can be attached to Happ mounting points(Not sure on mounting height though). You’ll need to enlarge the button holes with a file as happ buttons are 28mm and sanwa buttons are 30mm.

you can’t do a straight replacement assuming you have an american style cab made from wood. you’d have to get a new control panel or mod the one you have now to get the proper stick height and be able to mount sanwa buttons. They’re designed to be mounted on metal so an american style cab’s wooden panels are too thick. Assuming you have experience with wood working and you have a a drill and a plunge router laying around you could do it pretty easily. If not one of the stick builders here can probably make one for you for a good price.

How thick is the control panel? If it is about 1/2" or less, then you can easily put a Sanwa JLW-UM in there (you might have to get the Ultimarc version though). As for buttons, just put in some Happ Competition (Convex) buttons. They are not Sanwas but they will do fine and are much, much better than the concave Happ Ultimates that probably came stock on the control panel.

Hello, just wanted to bring this thread back to life…I’ve done some measuring and I believe that the hole for the buttons are about 3 cm in diameter and about 2 cm
long (i.e. that’s how this the wood is there)…as far as the joysticks go, I haven’t removed it, but I’m guessing it’s a competition stick, so whatever the size of those were…

can anybody around here make something for me that would work? Anybody have any more advice? I will definitely pay somebody to do this!

I would suggest going into the trading outlet and asking someone there if they can make a cp for you. What you can also do as well but will be a little more money, is asking chad from lizardlick if he can order an astro city or egret cp for you. The cp will probably go for around 150 bucks but you won’t have this mounting problem.

When you get it you would have to cut out a hole a little smaller than the dimensions of the new cp to be able to mount it.

get a new control panel and mount it…tada

yeah, I would ask one of the builders on the board to make a new cp for you. It should be pretty easy since your cp is pretty much just a rectangle. It’s probably easier to just make a new one than to modify your existing panel, since it has a metal overlay.

the guys at mameroom do a great job… just talk to them and tell them i sent you and they should be able to hook you up with the plans we came up with for mine.

gives lots of elbow room and such.

perfect for bottom mounting your sanwa joysticks and snapin buttons go in easy as pie.

Great ideas guys! What do you guys think a fair price would be to offer for a job like this? i.e. for a custom made control panel for my machine? I could put the buttons and sticks in myself, really just for the CP…