Can i mod my Hori EX2 (360) with HAPP parts?

i searched for a similar topic to no avail.

Can someone give me an answer on this?

no, theres not enough clearance.

No, the EX2 is way too short to adequately fit Happ parts. Heck, most stock Japanese sticks are. Pretty much the only stick that was available at retail that could be modded with Happ parts is the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection stick. Otherwise, you’d have to get a custom.


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pelican stick. i have one sitting in my lap that i’m modding with happ parts later this week…

Ah yes, forgot about those.

It is possible. You would have to remove the bottom and create an extention for the base to make the stick fatter. Also would have to drill mounting holes for the joystick.

I think if you like feel of Happ controls (even though they really aren’t made by app) then the next closest thing you could put in there without butchering the stick is a Seimitsu LS-32 with a circular gate.