Can i please get an avatar... whatever you like

do something that you want to do…

i don’t care about what characters you use… just no dee jay, no SNK people, no bridget (ggxx)

i play vampire savior, ggxx, MvC2, SF3, SF2, and tekken tag

do whatever you want. be creative. thanks

buahaha, you seriously dont have to use this.

but if you want any changes let me know!

i should have taken out the strokes on the inside, but i didnt! but yeah, still you dont have to use it, and if you want any changes let me know

i don’t like the cut off look. lol
but it’s different… umm… instead of doom though, can u use another green guy… say, blanka?

Okie dokie


SEXAY… W00T!!!

thanksz jOo