Can I record and upload Evo 2013?


At the very least I will record it to watch back later, especially when the streams are at awful hours in the night/morning here in the UK. I may very well end up falling asleep in the most important parts of the stream. However, I’m wondering if I’m allowed to upload it?
I actually did this last year for the SSF4 finals of Evo 2012, but I didn’t really give it much thought at the time. I read somewhere that the archives for Evo 2012 were lost, so maybe that’s why I didn’t get into any trouble. Will I get into any trouble this year for doing the same?


Little bump here, same question as Serious Stu, i would like to know if its possible to upload Mortal Kombat VOD of Evo2k13 in 480p (max) on a youtube channel without any edit (sound/ video). Should i wait for amount of time before upload them or something or its simply not allowed at all. An official answer could be useful for all the people who want to share some match.


afaik if you upload evo footage it has to be yours; i.e., no screencapped stream footage


You can upload your own fight footages and even the convention itself. They just don’t want you uploading Stream fights. Especially the finals. That’s a nono.


Fair do’s. Cheers for the replies, gentlemen!


Whats the best way to record a stream these days? I too will be at work so sucks first evo I ever missed due to new job bites balls


I’ll be using Fraps, but there are probably better solutions for it especially as Fraps requires a lot of free hard drive space.