Can I sell my old PC SF4?


I have been thinking about getting SSF4 AE for PC or PS3. Maining Guy or Ibuki is so tempting.

But in the mean time, is it possible to sell a GFWL game like SF4 vanilla for PC? Or is the CD-key permanently tied to my GFWL account?




Nope to what? Nope I can’t sell it or nope the cd-key isn’t perma-tied to my account?


It’s tied to your GFWL, you can’t sell PC games that requires you to enter a CD key.


Looks like you’re out 2 bucks! No bus for you tomorrow, sorry man


you know what, nevermind. I’ve been noticing that even new copies of SSF4 AE have been selling for cheap. The cost of packaging and gas used to drive to the post office would probably exceed SF4 vanilla’s value anyways.