Can I solder to the "chip"?

I was halfway into soldering a PSX pcb, when I remembered why I hadn’t used it before… Up doesn’t work.
So I tried a few different spots (marked with white on the picture below), but none of them gives any reaction. However, if I hold the cable to the corresponding little metal foot of the black square chip (marked with green on below picture), I do get a reaction. Is it viable to solder there? At this point, it seems like my only hope…

Yes, if you are a badass. If you blob the solder to more than one of those legs it won’t work. I would recommend soldering a trace before you go for this. Scratch the line below your furthest left white square and see if that point works.

I tried the trace on several points (only once with actual solder though), but the whole trace was unusable, for some reason.

But thank god it was the outermost chip leg, and I managed to do it! Now if only I had some hot glue, because I have no confidence in the soldering on that one :rofl:
Hey, can I use “normal” glue? Or do some kinds lead electricity?

Edit: Hrm, all I have is this Games Workshop PVA glue…

A glue gun can work. They sell them in wally world and lowes.

I’ve always thought they were expensive, but I looked it up and it’s like… 5$ :rofl:
Guess I’ll get one then.

This is the way that Zombie CPT does his PS1 Padhacks and it’s freaking awesome. I have a PCB I want him to do that way but I don’t think he’s in the business anymore.

Sounds like he has some serious soldering skills…
If it hadn’t been one of the outermost legs in this case, I don’t think I’d have been able to do it.

But if you solder everything to the chip, then you can cut of like… 80% of the pcb right? It’d become super small.