Can I swap out the guts of an HRAP3

over to a HRAP EX-SE case??? I only want to do this because the HRAP EX-SE case is white, and buying an HRAP2 for more $$ is less economical.

HRAP EX-SE insides

i dont have my HRAP3 in front of me so i can’t compare
i dont know if the HRAP3 case is any different than HRAP3 SE (i hope not) but this was the best i could find:

HRAP3 (best one i could find from markman)

HRAP 3 SE insides (the case is clearly identical to the HRAP EX-SE)

they are the same size just swap everything you should be fine except the joysticks idk they have diffrent mounting plates but some 1 here would prob know better then me

Hello Tu.

The Mounting Bracket in HRAP 3 is different from one in HRAP EX SE.
HRAP 3 Mounting Bracket does not support Seimitsu LS-32-01.

You can do mounting with a Seimitsu RE Mounting Plate.
That Mounting Plate is stock on Seimitsu LS-32.

But if you use that, then the Joystick will be lower than 24mm. :sad:

Wait, I’m confused.
In which direction are you going?

There is mention of HRAP 3 and HRAP 3 SE and HRAP EX SE.
I don’t know what is going in what.

I think I got it.
You going from HRAP 3 to HRAP EX SE right?

So the HRAP EX SE will then have Sanwa Joystick?

Yes, no problem.
Just get Sanwa JLF-P-1 for the JLF.

seems he wants a harp 3 with a white case thats y he wants to swap everything out if you keep the jlf in the harp 3 and the semitsu stick in the harp ex se then you can swap everything else just fine

Yes, that is right.
But there will be problem if putting Seimitsu LS-32 into HRAP 3.

If I read correctly, then he not have to worry.
Since his main is going from HRAP 3 to HRAP EX SE.

The Joystick from HRAP EX SE will have to go somewhere though.

i just want a white case for my mod

the hrap ex-se has the headset plug sticking out, and my plexi is going to cover that area so it wont work with the hrap ex-se guts. that’s why i want to use HRAP3 guts in the white case.

i really dont care for the mounting plate on the hrap ex-se. as long as i can swap out all the guts to the other case i am a happy man

im going for an astro city mod

(a black hrap ex-se would be nice too)

Then you can be happy. :lovin:

you can the guts and turbo panels but you wont use it anyway all the internals will all swap fine

then you will be very happy :slight_smile:

cant you just swap the whole top plate?

he can do that as well