Can i take the guts from a 360 TE stick and put them in a ps3 TE stick?


Yea, i want to use the ps3 stick on 360. Is that possible? or is the pcb soldered into case?


The PCBs are only screwed in place, so it can be swapped out. You will have to cut and resolder the current or a different USB. I, personally, prefer to remove the USB in the o 360 sticks and put in a gold plated USB from


Terminal Blocks are different too.

In other words, you need to unscrew anything with wires and put it in the new case.
Are you going to try and dual mod this thing or just have it single console?


Easiest method would be to purchase any fine aftermarket PCB {i.e. PS360+, Cthulu, etc) and installing it in yourself, or having a friend do it for you.


You’re better off putting it the other way around as 360 also has the headset connector. But there are definately tons of ways to do this! Can you exactly tell us what you’re really trying to achieve besides swapping pcb?