Can i test out this forums potential

Well i’m quite good i think, add me on xbox live: P e i n (with the spaces) with the message: “srk”. I think I played someone from this forum quite and beat him sometime ago, his name was srk fadc ultra. i just wanna see how good some of yall are :slight_smile:

Hey I saw that guy a while ago, I think I beat him too but that was ages ago.

But yeah Im on a loosing streak at the moment so its not the best time but I’ll play you whenever your free. I play as Ken sorry if that dissapoints you lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I sent you a message but it seems you are offline, just hit me up for some casuals.

woah. i got my asss handed to me boy by him ^. I’ve destroyed 3/4 people from this forum so far. but your the best i’ve come across. damn i dont know gen or fei long match ups. need to play more of them

thanks man, really good matches, that sakura is impressive.

wow 3/4 huh? try me!! i’ll bump that up to 4/5 !!, no sarcasm. already sent an invite

i added you. we’ll play tomorrow

Really now? I’ll take that with grain of salt. Oh btw, if i’m on during the day playing left 4 dead, it’s most likely someone else. I only play street fighter 4.

indeed, I’ll look forward to losing lol


:o\ windows Vista powns

you should send me one too, I’m open for challenges anytime.

lol. instead i lost quite a bit. ive been playing like shit the past couple days. we’ll have to play again once im in my groove

ill have to jump on the bandwagon when i get my live up and runnin. frisky you live near my old neck of the woods.

I’m always down for some matches, i will try to remember to add you next time I’m on.

Lets fight!

lol i hate it out here

my oh my, im starting to become dangerous! :slight_smile:

i’ll take you up on that

@ mugenxinfinite, the score 24 - 12 didn’t do justice to how good you are & @ Jooosee, lets get it on!

yeah that was a pretty long session we had… was fun… took you like 5 matches to get a hang with my rog :slight_smile:

neither does my bp does justice to how good i am lol…

ggs tho u help me see some flawz in my game which i will soon learn how to master.

one of my problems is consistency i cant really play at my highest ability at all time.
alot of your wins were really close i tend to lose it with too much pressure and fuck up XD

as a fellow fan of japanese school girls you have my respects with your ability with sakura :slight_smile: