Can I use a Hori SCV xbox 360 controller with PS4 SFV


This might be something of a noob question, but I am a fight stick noob. From what I’ve read there’s some amount of interchangeability between sticks, but how about this specific case? My local Cash Converters has a Hori Soul Calibur V stick, which has an xbox button on it. I have a PS4, and I’m looking for a cheap stick for SFV. Will I be able to use this one? Will I need an adapter? Or is it a straight-up nope?


You will need a brook adapter, do some searching to make sure that stick is compatible though.


OK, thanks. I guess another option would be to do a bit of surgery, like this? It seems like that stick was a pretty good one when it was released. I think I can manage the hacking. I think the total cost would be about £100, for the SCV stick and a pad to rip apart. Do you think I could get a better PS4 stick for £100?


If you can do the work, I would say that’s the way to go. No firmware updating issues to deal with if you take that route either.

The fc4 is a great controller to work with for pad hacking, and that’s a good guide as well.


as a heads up: i padhacked my SCV (ps3 version) but be extremely careful when soldering the leads from that top PCB. i screwed up the home button and i havent gotten it to work since. it’s totally doable, just be a little extra delicate with that top part.


In a worst case scenario, you can always add cheap momentary pushbuttons for options/share/home if that happens.


Hi all. Thanks for all the help and suggestions. I went to have a look at the pad in the shop, and the heads of the bolts looked stripped. So I left it, and bought a Venom instead. Easier to get started hacking, and only a few extra quid for some new buttons and a stick, if it needs it.