Can I use a ps2 dual shock for evo


well can I…Theres been a lot of backdoor talk about this and I said Might as well post it. For those who don’t know already TTT,SC,T4,VF4 and GGXX will all be on ps2…I was hopeing for cvs2 but o well what can you do.


no answer waiting for a mod I hate this on hold music*


Yes, but you can’t map controller button to multiple game buttons. A full set of console rules will be posted soon.


This is all fine and dandy, but what about those that have GG XX at home, and have never had the chance to play on the arcade version. I would assume that most, if not all people playing GG XX on a pad, map Roman Cancel to L1. Doing a Roman Cancel on a pad without mapping is a chore and a half.

I just wanted to throw this out.


No. That falls under the classification of mapping multi-buttons. There is no “RC” button on the arcade machine. Part of being able to play the game is the ability to press multiple buttons at the same time. I realize that this is more difficult on a pad, but you will need to determine a good pad layout that will allow you to activate RCs using three buttons. For instance, Circle + Triangle + R2 could be an option. Or Circle + R1 + R2. Those seem like the best options to me.


This sounds like what people are going to have to do… or bring your stick.


Thanks Inkblot…Good now I don’t need to go to the arcade for tekkentag,t4,vf4,ggxx and sc


but wait a second, does this mean I HAVE to bring a stick of my own for virtua fighter 4? They dont have the actual machines?


Speaking of which, the default VF4 controller setup on ps2 is pure ass if you’re using a stick of any kind.


can someone please confirm this? I need to know if I have to bring my mas or not.

suddenly the VF4 tourny doesnt seem so attractive to me :bluu:


What games will be supported on console?

Cuz in MvC 2 im good in arcade…
in CvS 2 im good on gamecube and…
My friend is good on MvC 2 but on PS2 and GGXX on PS2
also i play MvC 2 fairly well on x box version…will these all be available to play at EVO? or what are the limits? PS2 i am to understand is only allowed?? :bluu:


Dios X-- “in CvS 2 im good on gamecube”

HAHA I bet your the only one good on the Game cube controller


can someone PLEASE answer my question?

will I have to babysit a controller if I plan on entering the VF4 tourny?


We will provide some sticks.


Have you guys talked to Massystems or X-Gaming about some sort of sponsorship? I think it’d be a wicked idea to have them build sticks solely for EVO. You could even have raffles for free sticks.


what sticks will you be providing? MAS? X arcade?

yeah, thats a good idea


btw, the GGXX stick for PS2

is not actually as good as ppl thought…

I suggest u guys get the stick made by ASCII or the one made
for Tekken