Can I use a PS3 Madcatz TE Fight stick with my PS2?


As the subject says.
The fight stick is USB, the PS2 has a USB port.

Can I simply plug it into my PS2 and expect it to work or do I need some type of adapter?

Also I have a wii and would like to use it there as well. Is there an adapter for it?

Sorry for being a noob.


No you cannot.

No there is not.


Thank You for the quick response. I kinda thought that was the case.

Have a nice day.

Yeah i got this idea a while back when i wanted a new stick, but there are NO 360/PS3-to-PS2 converters out there. Everything is made with the latest stuff in mind(PS2-to-360, etc).

I have like a 100 fighters for my trusty PS2, so any stick i get must be compatible with it also.

In the end i just bought a PS2 Hori real arcade pro(Arcana heart 2), and after Sanwa modifying, used converters for playing on current gen systems.

These are Great sticks out of the box at an ok price, but lots of mod-work required if one has any ideas of upgrading/customizing it in the future:

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True Grave,

Indeed, a nice idea, but I already invested in my PS3 arcade stick.
I really don’t want to get another stick for the games I play on my PS2.

I’ve seen many adapters for Guitar Hero controllers but they are PS2 port ->PS3 usb.

I wish there was a nice solution, but I feel I’m in the minority at this point.

Have a pleasant day,

You’re not in the minority. Check out the MC Cthulhu, if you’re interested in having your TE modded.

Adding that will provide the ability to use your TE stick on: PS3 & PS2, as well as multiple other consoles from NES/SNES/Saturn. If you aren’t confident enough to do the mod yourself, there are many ppl on SRK that are wiling and able.

Kinda off topic here, but recently my friends and I were playing around with some different fighters on my first gen ps3. It’s able to play all my ps2 games, so we’ve been testing what fighters work with what sticks.

We discovered that my Hori soul caliber 4 ps3 stick(Sorry I don’t know the exact model of the stick) works with ps2 games. We thought for a moment that some sort of patch had finally come out to fix the fight stick problem, but upon trying the madcatz TE we found it still doesn’t work.

Again sorry if this is off topic but does anyone else have any idea if the other ps3 hori sticks work with ps2 games on the ps3?

+1 for MC Cthulhu and to add to that, throw in an rj45 mod for multi console goodness with only needing to switch the cable used.

The HRAP3 sticks do. I am unsure about the newer V3 and VLX sticks though.

Since plenty of people here do own the newer Hori sticks, somebody’s gotta pop in and confirm backwards compatibility with PS2 on the PS3…

(Plenty of people own the VLX and V3 SA. Question is if they own an original launch 60GB or 20GB PS3 with the full-up PS2 circuitry.)

That’s if they’re not in a surly mood.

People do get that way around here when the same question gets asked for the fourth or fifth time.

In defense of newer registrants, I’ve gotta say that since the site was relaunched the Search Function doesn’t work as well as it used to. There are so many threads and posts that pop up you’re better off using Google and wading through a few pages of that instead of trying to use the SRK Search Function.

That’s how I’ve found information about specific PCB’s and wiring questions. It’s quicker and easier than slogging with SRK’s Search Function.

All the Hori stuff actually work now.
V3, VX and VLX used to not work PlayStation 2, then Patch made work.

Mad Catz Arcade FightStick still not do PlayStation 2.

It’s extremely sad how people aren’t clamoring for a lagless PS3 to PS2 converter… Depending on modding the controller with another PCB isn’t the end-all solution, given that the modding isn’t trivial for someone uneducated about that kind of operation and that we don’t all have someone available to do the modding for us (e.g., most of said able people on SRK reside in the US, don’t they?). A PS3 to PS2 controller converter would be controller converter nirvana for me.

Because there isn’t any USB to anything.
Can’t change USB to comething else.

I think the whole point of this to begin with, is wanting to have the stick work on an actual PS2.

Thats what most who bring this up would want. IMO to heck with trying to get one of the older PS3 models that had BC, from my experience its never perfect anyway.

I had quite a handful of my old PSOne games being completely non-working on my PS2. Thus this generation, i’m damn sure keeping my PS2 long after i get a PS3.

You say it like it isn’t possible. Well, sir, it is. It isn’t alien technology. It might even involve an embedded USB controller (not as in gaming controller, but as in hardware controller) - or going so far might be overkill, I don’t know, but it’s not like it simply cannot be done no matter what.