Can i use sanwa joystick/buttons on X-Arcade PCB?

Im planning to use the X-Arcade pcb from my crappy stick to build custom stick with sanwa parts.

I know most sanwa buttons has .110 qd and joystick uses the 5-pin.

The problem is the X-Arcade pcb has ready-made wiring using only .187" terminals and has special harness slots so I cant make my own wire at all. Any solution to connecting these (even if its possible, is it safe?)

Im building my first stick so im new to this…any advice is welcome, thanks in advance.

You’re better off just hacking a new PCB yourself, part of the reason why xarcade’s are so crappy is owing to the laggy PCB’s

oh i see, thanks.

bump, Need more suggestions

you can, but why bother? As Rayza already said, it’s a crappy PCB. You’re better with using a psone dual shock PCB.