Can I use the Madcatz Soul Edition with SF4 with no problems?


Would the buttons still be the same or would I need to reconfig them?


Would a Madcatz Soul Edition work with SFIV?

Now this question just made my day…

Yes, the stick works with SFIV with no problems.

EDIT: You could always configure the buttons in game to fit your style/preferences.


What I meant was that was the button configuration same as regular Madcatz since I’m not sure if Soul Calibur has different button config i.e

Is Soul Cal config be

lk,mk,hk etc

or is it set different because SC uses a different button config?


yes it would be set different but every game lets you change button config so its not a big deal


I wish people would think about these questions before making posts.
I actually think it would take less effort.


Only thing different about SCV fightstick is the exterior design of the stick. Parts, Lay-out are all the same. From my knowledge, I know the medium kick is set on hard punch and I believe hard punch is set to medium kick; nonetheless, that layout is still playable for SFIV just a matter of personal preference. You could do button configurations in game or just change the button lay-out to a standard TE.


Thanks, I guess I could open it up and swop buttons as well I suppose.


Layout isn’t 100% the same, the Soul uses the Namco SC layout which is a little more pointy than you standard SEGA one. Not a huge deal, but the second row is significantly higher than say a TE and the rest of the buttons do a much sharper downward curve. I’m not a huge fan of the layout but its hardly a big deal.


The default button scheme is different, yes, so you’d have to reconfigure them. Also something to consider, as opposed to Vewlix layout of the other TEs/Madcatz sticks, the SCV/Soul Edition stick has a Noir layout, which means different button placement and slightly farther distance between the stick and buttons. It can bother some people.


Layout of the SOUL Edition is different. If you tried to play SFIV on it with the default (Type-A) button config, you’d get:
:lp: :mp: :mk: :hk:
:lk: 3:k: 3:p: :hp:

On the same note, I wish people would also think before they answered.


Thank you for the answers, I’m going to pass on the SC stick then since the layout spacing is going to be too different from what a typical viewlix is.


You might want to give the noir layout a try, even if it’s different from the vewlix that you might be used to. I’ve come to prefer it, myself. I would definitely change the button order, though.


I have small asian fingers:)

Anyway brought a used battered Hori VA for £30, going to fix it up instead.


Open Stick. Move button wires to the layout you want. Win.

That’s what I did with mine, love it.


Sega/Noir layout is best for small asian fingers.


Really?, I heard bigger spacing between buttons and stick?.


Talking more about the curve of the buttons. But the distance between the stick and buttons isn’t really a big issue. You have to remember that Noir cabs are made primarily for us Asians.


Bah all the reviews I read were saying it could be an issue now I read it could be better, hope the guy likes me cancel the Hori then.


Cool he cancelled the listing going for the SC stick now, thanks for the advice guys. I felt awkward asking it but it turns out it was mega useful:)


I have big American hands and I prefer the Noir / Astro City layout. Never really had an issue with comfort on any layout though.