Can I use the Madcatz stick with my PS2?

Hello, I recently got my hands on the Madcatz Street Fighter IV stick (standard edition, 360 version). I don’t have a 360, so I’ve been using it for my PC, but I’ve been wondering if there’s any way I could hook the thing up to my PS2. I don’t want to open the stick up and change the insides or anything (besides, I’d probably mess up), but I noticed that at the end of the cable, you can detach the USB plug… Does this mean that I could somehow attach an adapter of some sort? Thanks.

No, that’s just a cord designed to come apart in case you trip over it or something (the cord will simply snap there instead of ripping or possibly taking teh console/stick with it). The only way to get it to work on PS2 would be to dual-mod it.

Darn. Thanks for the response. Any suggestions on how I’d go about dual-modding the stick? Is it difficult? I’ve never modded anything before.

Since you don’t have a 360, you could stick a MC Cthulhu in there and remove the 360 PCB entirely. Soldiering would be pretty bare in that you would only need to solder a PS2 controller cable to the MC Cthulhu. The rest of the wires are screwed into the terminals so no soldering would be needed for them. The MC Cthulhu would give you access to your PC, a PS3 by default, with added PS2, Gamecube, Original Xbox (not the 360) and a multitude of other systems if you can get the cables for them. This, I think, would require the least amount of effort. The thing is that you would have two cables sticking out if you want PC/PS3 and PS2 support.

I guess that would make the most sense, and it would be more convenient, but the reason why I bought the stick was because I was eventually planning on buying a 360 anyway so I could play Blazblue and SFIV with my friends. Thanks, though.

RJ-45 or whatever cool thing, and only one cable would be out at any time.

If you want 360 support, you actually have it easy if you throw in a MC Cthulhu but you’re going to have to do quite a bit of soldering. Check out this thread

Basically, you will need an MC Cthulhu, a PS2 cable, an Imp board, your original TE PCB for the 360, a soldering iron, some wire and a lot of patience. You don’t need to install an RJ-45 jack yourself but if you want to keep it clean and not have cables flying around like some sorta Omega Red super, you can go with this route.

You can get with this:
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Or you can get with that:
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