Can I use this controller to do a padhack (pics inside)

Controller itself stopped working a while ago but maybe the PCB still works as a bridge, but while I wait for my multimeter to arrive will be nice to know if I can go with this PCB or go and get a fightpad

pretty sure that model isn’t common ground

bummer :’(

should I then pick up a fightpad? doing the whole hex inverter thing sets me off … really

its not the hex inverter thing i’m talking about

its the entire pad that isn’t common ground
You can still use this pad if you want to, but you can’t go about and dual mod this thing

Solder two wires to each that you want.

Say you make 6-button Arcade Stick.
8 wires for Directionals.
12 wires for Buttons.
2 for Guide.
2 for Back.
2 for Start.

Total wires you have will be twenty-six.

You CAN padhack any non-common ground PCB. Use the way jdm714 said. You just can’t Dual Mod with it.

non-common ground isn’t the end of the world, just mean you need almost twice the number of wires to solder. Most of the contacts on the picts are huge so I personally wouldn’t hesitate mod-hacking it.

unless you take your multimeter and figure out which signals share a common ground and daisy chain those grounds to save on a few wires