Can I use U2 after yoga fire be blocked?

If i use yoga fire,some distance away, then an opponent blocked it (stun 18).Can I use U2 during the oppenent stun with blocked?
May be have to short slide after yoga fire, not sure.

do u mean can u set it up so u catch the opponentAFTER the block stun from yoga fire? POssible, but improbable. I think at that point they can jump on reaction

If you mean can u use u2 to hit them while they block, then no. U2 is a throw and like all throws you are unable they whiff if u try to catch someone in block or hitstun.

The main way to catch u2 is to use it to punish a poor jump or a whiffed throw/attack

I just know that it’s unable to throw or U2 during block/hit stun.
How to use U2 punish a poor jump? what time I input command U2?

First of all, you need to do a an instant air ultra 2, but I guess you know that part. It really depends on the character, but if you input it about when your oppponent is starting to move towards the ground, so that it comes out between the highest part of his jump, and before he lands on the ground, it should connect. (Depends on how floaty your opponents jump is). I think of it in the same way as El Fuerte’s ultra 1. Be careful though, as some characters can alter their trajectory on reaction after the ultra flash (For example Ryu ex tatsu).