Can joystick with PS360+ PCB works on next gen console?


There’s a lot of people saying that it’s not working or blablabla.
Im willing to buy a modded stick with akishop ps360+ soon.


As it is, there no Xbone or PS4 support on the PS360+.
Don’t hold your breath either as both consoles have hardware lockouts. So I am extreamly doubtful that the current PS360+ can get Xbone or PS4 compatibility with a firmware update.

To use a PS360+ equiped Arcade stick on a next gen console you have to Dual-mod the stick with a Official MS Xbox One Gamepad PCB for Xbone and a Official Sony PlayStation 4 Dual Shock 4 Gamepad PCB.


And they would be correct.

If you want Xbone support you will need to padhack an official controller or use a TE2 pcb (not recommended because it isn’t common ground).

If you want PS4 support you will need to padhack an official controller. Which is very, very hard.


Considering the CronusMax supports the XboxOne console and XboxOne and PS4 controllers strictly via firmware update, the PS360+ might evolve in the same way… Also, AFAIK support for the PS4 console is being developed for the CronusMax.


We can only hope. I wouldn’t buy a PS360+ just for the off chance that it happens though.


The Cronus isn’t the most elegant or reliable of solutions.

There several concerns for both home players and tournament players with the Cronus device.

  1. The Cronus interferes with the other players input. This makes the device banned at many tournaments.
  2. The Cronus is suspected of Lag and drop inputs
  3. Rumors is the Cornus can damage USB ports.
  4. Native PCBs always runs better than any adapter.


I don’t know about your statements, but I have noticed there are those who say things of old Cronus adapters and act like the CronusMax is just another one (the team is supposedly different). I just mentioned it to give an example of the feasibility of a firmware-only solution for supporting new consoles…

If we’re lucky, it can be done for the PS360+. I’m not too hopeful though, since there’s been so little official development on the PS360+ and Akihabarashop in general. :frowning:


It took Years to reverse engineer the Xbox 360 controller protocols and security settings.
The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One came out 2 and a half months ago.
Akihabarashop still busy working on there last PS360+ upgrade project which is Dreamcast VMU support.
There no clue if the PS360+ hardware can even support the PS4 and Xbone via firmware update.

There only 1 game for the xbone and pretty much nothing for the PS4 that really need arcade sticks yet.

Only difference with the old Cronus and CronusMax is the Xbone support.
You still need a Xbox One controller to use the CronusMax on the Xbone console.

You may as well skip the Cronus all together and learn to pad hack


The problem at this point is how spoiled people are these days with the PS360+, and they think that it can do everything. What people DON’T seem to realize is that the PS360+ essentially came out a year or two ago, and the Xbox360 came out essentially 7 years ago. So about 5-6 years to reverse engineer the 360’s security protocols. And they’re STILL working on including Dreamcast VMU support.

So you have to ask yourself: based on that track record, is it actually realistic to expect the PS360+ development team to reverse engineer the XBO and PS4’s security protocols in a smaller timeframe? Especially considering that the technology has gotten more complicated since the previous generation of console?

People seriously need to think about how realistic what they’re asking for is.

Like Darksakul says: save up some pennies, buy the tools, learn to padhack. Or take the lazier route and save up a bit more and just buy a Mad Catz TE2. You’ll be enjoying Killer Instinct a WHOLE LOT earlier/faster than waiting for a PS360+ update, IF it ever happens (ie, don’t count on it).


Yeah I wouldn’t hold my breath for xbox one support since microsoft will probably be a lot more selective with who they give security chips to this time. A cronusmax is ok for home use on the xbox one but on the other hand it’s 60 bucks you could put towards a dedicated joystick and they’ve been pretty quiet when it comes to ps4 support so I wouldn’t bet on that anytime soon.

I’m hoping some of the more skilled modders will figure out how to get sticks running from the ps4 and xbox one controllers usb ports like the wii joysticks run from the wii remote.


Ah, that’s how they’re achieving Xbone support? I was wondering about that. Haven’t looked closely into those things.


Its like how the old school PS2 to Xbox 360 adapters needed a wired Xbox 360 controller to work.


The wired Xbox360 controller requirement, at least for the Xbox360 console, is alledgedly deliberate, to try not to piss off MS.


At the end of the day, the CronusMAX is banned from tournaments. End of discussion.


That statement is bull crap.

MS would be pissed that the device exist at all knowing their policies. Microsoft is VERY STRICT about product licensing, and MS goes out of there way to make firmware updates that disables the use of unauthorized devices. I suspect the change in development/production teams for the Cronus was to keep one step ahead of Microsoft and Sony who probability sent them cease and desist letters. A cease and desist letter is your one legal warring before a company sues over copyright/pattern violations.
The requirement for the Wired controller is a technical one not a legal one. You need to piggy back off a existing Xbox controller for the security bypass.

There only 2 adapters on the market that do not need a Xbox 360 controller because they have the necessary security chip installed inside the adapter.
The Adapters are the Xtokki 360 converter and the HDE Converter.

And that is the strongest reason right there why


Well, I just referenced what they say…

Hmmm. Does the PS360+ have a security chip of its own?


As per it’s actual design, I can’t say. You have to Ask TheRealNeoGeo who runs
I don’t know if they have the actual security chip or is the chip is software emulated.
Keep in mind the PS360+ is the 2nd version of the PS360. And the Xbox 360 security protocols was long cracked by the Asian grey market before the OG PS360 hit the market.
Boards like the PCB out of the Paewang/Datel stick been out for much longer than the OG PS360.

Stop making Wishful thinking, everyone way too spoiled with the all-in-one PCB solutions and easy snap-on dual mods.
Back in the day, if you want a stick to support multiple systems, you have to make project boxes, or make used of alot of adapters. And the truth is with any adapter/converter is there going to be issues, end of story there. When someone managed to do a all-in-one stick build where a single stick with no project boxes support 5 systems, this was either witchcraft or god sent depending on who you asked at the time.

I don’t even know why I keep going other than to correct up misinformation and dispel misconceptions.

The Reality is the Cronus/ CronusMax at best is a sloppy solution, and its too early in the next gen product cycle to have any viable solutions other than PAD HACKS.
We got lucky with the PS3 PCBs as the PS3 tool and accepted genetic HID class USB devices with no security lockout. So HID CLASS driverless PCBs were easy to make and fabricate.
Toodles said himself he refuses to work on Xbox 360 compatibility other than assisting with Dual Mods as he doesn’t want to be taken to court by Mircosoft.
People now are going to be the same way with PS4 and Xbone.

Anyways didn’t a Mod asked told us this is “End of discussion”.


I asked Akishop Customs, and this was the official reply:


So it sounds like there should be some upgrade path for those with a PS360+ PCBs. But as noted above, this shit takes time, and its a lot of hard work. It’s easy to view these things simply as products, but theres a lot of hard working geniuses behind the scenes, so try to stay as patient as optimistic as possible. Or take all of the energy and pour it into padhacking.


An add on board to the ps360+ is good news at least. As long as it is out this year that would be best case scenario