Can my "Sinister Stick effect" be scientificly studied?

Hello first of all most of my discussions were in the tech forum because I was discussing the finer points of right-handed Street Fighter play.

why it was tech talk

the main reason why I was there was because I wanted some help to have someone make my ultimate joystick and then, occasionally, it evolves into “doright-handed sticks really help?”.

since people are starting to tell me to be more discriminatory about your categories, I’m asking this question a category I posted very little in.

if you’re willing to put up with a few misspellings and a very low quality website you could read about my product at

The reason I needed a custom stick in the 16 hit era was...

Beeshu was the last system authorized maker to make an ambidextrous joystick and the last one they made was the Genesis Gizmo which was a 3 button stick. They never made a 6 button stick.

You could also search my SRK identity “tripletopper” and you can read whole bunch of screeds about right-handed joysticks.

why am I so obsessed with right stick

Because when I was a real young kid Joyce six were usually ambidextrous. of the right video game systems that were out by the time I was ten, (2600, Bally, Odyssey2, Intellivision, Colecovision, 5200, Vectrex, and Arcadia 2001) five of those eight systems had ambidextrous joysticks by default. Of the three remaining one was hardwired on most models of this machine with a right-handed stick and left-handed buttonfor most models, another one only had left handed models,. and the last one started out right hand only but because it was the Atari 2600, some people got into the business of making lefty adapters or ambidextrous single button joysticks.

From the NES to 3 button Genesis it was Beeshu joysticks that were the only ones that offered right-handed sticks. But most joysticks for most systems were left-handed. What is Street Fighter 2 came out,. I did what very few people did back in the early, bought a custom fighting stick we’re literally the only maker of them was a company, KY Enterprises, who mainly dealt with lost arms lost legs lost fingers limited mobility and other things which make goofy handedness seem like complaining about a hangnail. Yes I had to go to a handicap company to get my right hand joystick made. Maybe I can qualify under the Americans with disabilities act for subsidizing my model of joystick. .)

Now I finally see a practical reason for Ned Flanders’ Leftorium to exist. it’s awkward that a right-handed person now becomes a left-handed advocate because the industry redefined right is left. KY Enterprises help very few people but help them in high degrees. instead of me helping to people very much I can help a lot of people out a little bit.

My 'Right Makes Might story'

On my website is my actual story of how, during the two weeks …

Why 2 weeks?

(I had a KY Enterprises joystick, hy two weeks because that’s how long the connections lasted till I had to resolder and I don’t know how to resolder and that was the only form of customer service they offer and it was no such thing as VoIP back then for unlimited long distance)

… I went from zero to hero. And also my friends did when they trade my joystick. and this one person who doubted it we all beat up on (in games of Street Fighter, not in reality) was winless against this right handed joystick. And the funny thing is he’s a fairly famous gamer on basic cable television in the 2000s decade.

People say the fact that I was perfect with it, and other friends who use it were also 100%, and that the person we all commonly defeated later turned out to be a famous 2000 era basic cable gamer, is not considered a scientific experiment.

How would one run a scientific experiment about right-handed and left-handed Street Fighter play?
The Pepsi One Challenge in the late 90d: a fair personal experiment

(When I took the Pepsi one taste test the night the late 90s, I tasted back-to-back Pepsi one diet Pepsi and Pepsi,. I picked out the diet Pepsi easily and said blah. and even though I could teach the difference between regular Pepsi and Pepsi,. it was so close that I admitted that if I had so lose weight or drop my sugar for any reason that probably be the first sacrifice I make.

Good thing I remembered my Pepsi One Challenge.

(Few years later, I had diabetes I was told to lose weight, so I took the easy route and the route I can live with for the rest of my life and have Pepsi one instead of Pepsi. Good think I took the test, or I’d be stumped.)

That test was a blind taste test you were told that when one was Pepsi, one was diet Pepsi, and one was Pepsi one. And you tasted them, seen if you could pick out the 3, and if 2 of them are good, if you taste no calories, why drink them?

the reason why that test work was because you did not know which one was which and we’re open the trying them all and had no preconceived notions.

if that’s the definition of a scientific test ( that has to be met when there’s a placebo, and the question is whether I tell the difference between the real thing in the placebo, ) then there’s no way you could have an objective scientific test about Lefty vs righty, except for people who never played Street Fighter or any video game before l

Because when you play Lefty you know you’re playing Lefty and when you’re playing righty you know you’re playing right you can’t fake yourself into thinking you’re playing the other way. You have preconceived notions and patterns ( one example is “muscle memory”) which messes up your mental game which makes whatever you used to doing is the default champion. I just happened to be used to right-handed sticks more than left handed.

Do you think the data is significant enough to show that enough people will benefit from a right-handed joystick?

And what if left hand joysticks work drilled in by JAMMA,.who advertises awkward (within the industry, not publicly) left-handed joysticks as a way to get people to plunk in more quarters?

The econic reason why default joysticks are left-stick

The Golden Rule says whoever has the gold makes the rules, and since the arcade owners are paying for the machines, guess what? They get them left-handed stick THEY WANT to suck your quarters.

(Moved to separate topic on how Street Fighter execution changed over time.)

and what would you do for a scientific Lefty vs righty test, and did my experience show strong enough data to carry it out on a larger level?

Is this real-life trend though maybe not scientific good enough to investigate further and act on now:

At one hospital that spotted the trend: Wuhan Flu + Ibuprofen = 100% dead either directly or related tangentially to Wuhan Flu.


Wuhan Flu + Tylenol (or nothing but toughing it out) = 100% Recovery. 0% death from Wuhan.

First, wanted to pass that news for real

Second. though sample size and stakes are bigger with Wuhan, it sounds similar to my sales testamonial story about 100% of the matches played right stick we’re winners vs a future basic cable video game playing reality star, compared to 4/5 cases pad vs pad equaling 0 percent.

Other than stakes and sample size, is there any reason why this data is worthy of study but my Right Makes Might Observation should be poopooed?

By the way. #NoIbuprofen especially when Tylenol works fine and is easy to find.