Can my state trump Florida? GA guy attempts to puts a leg up on the competition


Because quite frankly, I think we can, and we deserve to.

You guys have at it.



I like how people are complaining about how this stuff is legal. People are lame as shit


Tannerite is the best thing since slice bread, fuck the haters. LOL @ blowing something up with tannerite and only being 40 feet away, what a dumb ass. At least he only hurt himself and after he is fitted for a peg leg he can become a pirate. It’s a win win!


Lmfao fucking white people.

And it’s Ga smfh. These hillbillies down here are on some other shit but Florida still holds the crown.


God damnit, GA.

Thanks for reminding me that I live here.


Every state should have its own thread. I approve


rip reggie


Should have skipped leg day.


Of all the things to fill with explosives and shoot, why the fuck did he pick something with blades in it?

What the fuck was he expecting to happen, I mean if asked to explain why what he did wasn’t stupid as fuck, does he even have a leg to stand on?


You also edited and added

And he does shoot propane tanks with rifles and extra attachments to those.


I think instead of a thread about each state we should have a Florida thread, then a stereotype confirmation thread. In this thread you will show that a stereotypical view of a race, ethnic group, economic class, etc holds true to the stereotype and give an example that his/her people will then shake their heads at and say, “That’s why we can’t have nice things.” The Florida thread will stay separate from this because if it was allowed to post in that thread it would quickly be overran like the Fellowship of the ring at the bridge of Khazad Dum.


When asked if Tannerite is worth it:

Are you kidding I’d give an arm and a leg for more.