Can my TE sticks be fixed?

I have 2 TE sticks and they both have stick problems now.

The first one is the original TE stick. The problem with it is there are dead spots in the lower corners. If I hold the stick either to the right or left, then down until it click my character will crouch…but if I push down just a little more but not all the way there is a dead spot where my character will stand up, and if i push down further my character will crouch again.

It also isnt very response to jumping up left, ill hear the click in the corner and like a full second later my character will jump.

The up left corner of my Chun te stick is its only problem but its a bit worse. It has the same problem as my original, but with the chun stick if i push the stick all the way into the up/left corner just for a split second my character wont jump at all…it just registers as moving back(input does not show up left arrow at all). if i do it and hold it my character will jump after a second.

Are these problems repairable or do I just need another stick?

If your pivot cylinder is worn out

I dont know if I agree with that. The up-left one sounds like it might be a slide switch on LS problem. Move the slider to DP and play for a while. If it still happens, get a new TP-MA and swap it out.
The crouching one sounds weird, but Im also going to TP-MA replacement at best, full JLF replace at worst. So, $12-25 per stick in parts to fix.

It was on dp and i tried ls. The chun li stick started acting up right after i punched it if that makes a difference lol. Not the actual stick.itself but close to it.

Is this type of repair.simple? I put conputers together. But this seems like it could be trickier.

If you do stuff like that, this will be no problem for you

Just wabt to make sure this is the tpma youre referring too

im going to get that and the pivot.anything else i may need?

You may want to just grab two new full JLF’s:
That’ll definitely take care of it.
Try your best to secure the ribbon to the new JLF with hot glue or some tape to keep it from falling off. If you get tired of fighting it, pick up a JLF-TE harness from my site.

This thing right?

That has the right connector to plug into the JLF, but the other end is just wire ends. The JLF-TE that the same JLF end, but the other end is made to plug into a TE board.

I cant find the jlf-te on the site.

AHH nm i was confused and thought focusattack was your site.

I replaced the full jlf and the wire but only down works on the one stick…any ideas what i did wrong?

You’ve put the connector on the wrong way flip it.

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It doesnt seem like it can go on the other way…and i was wrong only down , and down left works. I tried reconnecting the harness to the old jlf (while it was outside the case itself) and same thing. just down and down left work. the very first time i connected the jlf i didnt even use the te harness at first and it was the same issue.

lynch, ya gotta learn to put more info into your posts.

  1. Did you get a JLF-TE?
  2. Is your TE a PS3 or 360 model?
  3. Take pictures of where you’re plugging the wires into the board, and a picture of the wires going to the joystick itself.

If you can do those things, Im certain we can explain the problem and tell you how to fix it.

Have you tried flipping little white bit the other way I had the exact same problem turned out I plugged the joystick connector in the wrong way.

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I got 2 JLF-TE’s and two full JLF’s.

Sticks are for PS3.

Seemed like a simple process of opening the stick, unscrewing /unplugging the previous jlf and plugging in the new the one. Must have missed something !

Are you talking about the harness that connects the jlf to the board where the lock button and stuff is? It only seemed to fit one way to me.

The PS3 TE’s stick connector is backwards from the 360 TE one that cable is made for. No worries, it’s an easy problem to solve.What you’d want to do is lift up the white plastic housing on the connector on the TE PCB. You’ll want to use a pocket knife flat between the plastic and the pcb to slowy work the plastic up, rotate it 180, and put it back on the pins.

Here’s some pictures of the same procedure being done on part of TE-S stick. Do this with the stick connector piece on your PS3 TE and you’re done.

Worked! Thanks. Stick is perfectly accurate now.