Can NEVER land ultra. How to punish jumpers?

I’m in lowly newby G3 but starting to pick up some steam. So the players are getting better. How do you set up the ultra when all they do is jump up or jump back??

whiff EX glove = they jump
wake up = they jump (if they are not a shoto)
Boot the face = jump
They jumpin with a RH that you block ready to punish = then they jump back/up
cr. mk = this hits sometimes dammit!!! then because it hits you cant “combo” into an ultra or any 360 for that matter and you whiff and get punished

Looked in the stickies not seeing any strategies for connecting ultra/super esp. with those on to Giefs shenanegans


What works for me against that type is generally to knock them down and then do fake splash into ultra as they get up. To actually knock them down, sometimes you can get in crouching block at the edge of their jump and throw a ppp lariat just before they hit you.

Fake splash into ultra is an idea from reaper2507’s tutorial. You basically jump over them (crossover), hit splash at the PEAK of your jump so that it doesn’t actually hit, BUFFER 720 extremely fast while you come down then press ppp when you land. They’ll often block and eat ultra because it’s hard to tell fake splash from real. If they don’t block, or even if they counter somehow, at least you’ve got them guessing and you can throw in a huge combo next time they don’t block!

I’m still learning with Geif, so someone else can give you pro advice. But for now, that’s something that works for me. (Quite well so far, actually.)

Um, I would write a detailed explanation on how to do this, but in all seriousness, it’s about reaction. Sometimes I go a whole night at the arcade without landing an ultra. It’s not necessary to land for you to be good with gief. Of course, it sure as hell helps because it’s so damaging and can completely turn it around, but use the fear that the ultra has to your advantage. It’s kind of like when Seth has his ultra, you don’t want to jump at him so it completely neutralizes your air game. I’m actually studying for finals right now lol so sorry I can’t really write anymore, but I would just watch videos and learn from them, that’s the best advice that I can give you.

There are setups, but for guys that just jump a shitload, just AA the shit outta them. If they’re doing stuff that punish lariat, then just them until they stop.

good topic
but as mattpsx2 said theres times i dont even land my ultra
i like 2 poke a lot and hit sum spd’s

i don’t really play gief but from what i can tell, if they jump around recklessly just position yourself so you can get under them and lariat.

If the opponent knows that they’re doing they can stuff the lariat, even if you are trying to do the crouch lariat.

i land most of my ultras after empty crossup jumps and after knee drop

you need to plot before you can actually land an ultra
most ppl at my level change their reaction after getting hit twice
at higher level, they change every single time.

so to setup empty crossup jumps ultra
I usually cross them up with splash or knee a few times on wake up and combo into ex gh
(you can combo into lariat if you can’t do his bnb)
cross up splash then lariat is good against those keep jumping
they would get hit by the splash in the air then get hit again by lariat while trying to jump again
just make them afraid of jump attack and combo, so they begin block instead of jumping away
bam! crossup empty jump into ultra when they are blocking

same thing with knee ultra
do knee and combo a few times so they that they can’t jump away or srk after knee
then i hit one knee high and then ultra
if you hit the knee too low, your opponent would still be in block stun, ultra will whiff

sometimes i do neutral or short jump without doing anything
when i see them stick out a slow move at the wrong time or jump attack at me at the wrong distance,
i’ll quickly do the ultra…

sorry if i’m blabbing on…

just have to catch them when they are least expecting your ultra.

teach them not to jump.
once you have taught them not to jump, remind them why they used to jump.

whether right or wrong mentality, this is how I approach Gief in GENERA, but this applies to the Ultra as well.

Gief does immense damage and has lots of fun mix-ups with his throw game. Because of that, people do their best to prevent being thrown. So in essence, Gief’s throws are not only great for dmg, but they function as mind-fuckery, ultiamtly scaring the competition into a pattern or position that is favorable for you. Gief’s throws while thye don’t control space the same, have a very similar mental affect as fireball/sonic boom traps, where the person is so worried about one thing that they are lead to get hurt by something completley different. Gief’s ultra is awesome, and I’ll def use it when I can, but the fear of having it, scares people into a position that allows you to get more damage out of them.

In other words, yes you want to know how to land the ultra, but performing the ultra isn’t the ‘be all end all’, its part of what sets up his poke game and mixup game…you get to watch the person ‘squirm’ in your hands after a knockdown as they don/t know what your going to do.

In terms of actually landing the ultra, the only time I do it is really a reversal/counter. I can tick into it, but a large portion of the comp I fight against off and online are familiar with most ticks at this point so I’ll catch a DP->Ultra tryign to tick. So just scare them into doing a move that gets you enough time to counter with the utra (like say ill advisable fireball during poke game)

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Right before they land during any jump do your ultra. Even if they’re mid air you will get them, you just gotta time it right.

Easiest way to land an ultra is to season someone, then short hop your way to empty jump victory.

Jump in with a far jump, get anti-aired, do it again, get anti-aired. Short hop, if you see the limb extend out, ultra.

DISCLAIMER Most of my matches I absorb a lot against many chars. Thus I have ultra pretty early. This allows me to take those hits without fear. (Not to mention 1200 health)

If you don’t wanna take the chance of getting hit, many people just fall for it anyway. Empty jump ftw.

Well i dont know if some one has said this already(can’t be bothered to read em all) but if all they do is jump, then stop going for your ultra and start punishing their jumps. st.rh is a nice punish if they try to jump back and when they finally stop jumping back and crouch and block buffer your 720 in your st.rh and bring on the pain.

But also remember that zangiefs ultra does the second highest amount of damage in the entire game so dont expect to hit it very often.

EDIT: Also after a blocked/connected jab or a short you can ultra, you gotta pause a little to allow em to recover from block/hit stun then while they are sitting there waiting for you to finish your combo surprise em with an ultra. I wouldn’t advise trying this until you can tick a jab into a regular spd though but its an option.

Crouching short combos make holding up for jump a bad idea

How the hell do you do that? Arcade stick you have (yoda voice)

Only time I can buffer 720 without jumping is a taunt. I’m never fast enough with my thumb to buffer during Green Hand.

Lol, I was looking at that the other day and was thinking the same thing. What you could do is do a throw then do ultra, using the throw as a buffer. Or do a punch or kick (you gotta be fast on the 720) buffer into ultra You do have enough time to do that but it’s hard to do on reaction, you have to know when your opponent is going to jump in.


I can’t believe people haven’t said this yet.

Crouching short hits people trying to jump!

It combos into a knockdown!

Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

If you’re ghetto and can’t do c.short x 4 green hand consistantly…

C.Short xx KKK lariat (can get punished)
D. or DB HK (sweep). This can be done meaty to make it safer.

delayed S.LP or C.MP to hit them on their first jumping frame.

On the topic of jumping to avoid the SPD…

When someone jumps in with a fairly deep RH that you block, its seems like they have enough time to jump back and you whiff a punish SPD.

well, i go for a jab.SPD here. Would a fierce.SPD or EX.SPD catch them in time? Or is my reversal timing to slow???

Punish jumpers? Thats easy!!! Stayed crouched and at the last second do the KKK lariat. Works every time.

I find the kick lariat gets stuffed easy from airborne opponents…

Still having issues punishing jumpers. Guess will come with time.

well i suck anyway. Have issues with Blanka, Honda, Akuma (what a surprise).

Least I see enough Sagats to know what to expect.

It works man. Are you talking about online play? Thats probably why it’s not working for you. There is shit loads of lag online even with 5 bars. Try it offline and you’ll see. Try PPP but its less safe.