Can new SFIV characters make the cut?

C.Viper seems like she could crossover into the MvC universe pretty well

uh, oh.

Not epic enough.

I’d claw my eyes out if anyone post SF III made it into MvC3.

Viper hater. You obviously don’t main her.

meh, why not. i dont really care who they put in it, as long as they dont just throw whoever in there and dont change their movesets at all, which would lead to a broken game (again)

In order to be in the game they need to have the potential for eye-popping, awesome, spectacular supers that rival the giant laser beams shot by several characters. So that cuts out most of the SF4 guys and even some SF3 ones.

Q, Oro, Alex, C. Viper, Ibuki, Gill, Seth, Hugo and Blanka all have the potential to do amazing things. So I’d pick from a pool that has them.

I’m pretty sure theres a good deal of people that would want Q in this, myself included. but the fact there was a choice for Q in that poll was evidence enough that people acknowledge the popularity of Q

go Q!

Urien, fucking pleaaaase Capcom…

I think any SF character would be cool in there, so it doesnt reall matter. If C.Viper is popular with the crowd, she’ll be there. I think Abel is pretty popular, so maybe he’ll make the cut

Urien needs more love. :sad:

Yes, Urien’s a great choice too. I forgot to mention him.

Urien most def, and C. Viper is like a perfect match for Marvel

Can people read the rules sticky? Speculation/guessing thread anyone?