Can not decide between stickless board and arcade stick!

I am about to go crazy. All these years i thought I need an arcade stick to perform those insane combos. Heck, i can not even perform some basics, specials sharply. I always blamed keyboard. But i also hate gamepads and never been able to play with them either. So, i bought the parts to build myself an arcade stick. Since i am a little OCD, i put a lot of time at its design(don’t laugh, i even considered golden ratio). I even have a build log going on. Searched the forum for which joystick would be best and etc. If i decide go with stickless board now, i have go all through layout, design etc etc Again. With my OCD brain. It is tiring. And i have three 24mm and eight 30mm seimitsu buttons which i do not know if they would be good with a stickless board. I may try 6 button layout and use generic electroincs button for start select buttons. But it seems people use 24mm sanwas for all buttons except jump button.
Now i learned that you CAN perform awesome combos with keys. Turns out, my problem was with key rollovers… The freaking keyboard only registers f.ckin 2 buttons at the same time!
I have always been a pc gamer so i am very good with keyboard. And in theory, stickless boards has the advantage. I have’nt played regularly with arcade sticks so i have learn it if chose it. Looking all these and it seems that i should go with stickless board.
I am mad at myself for not ordering some more buttons for a possible stickless board. Now i have to pay for shipping again… What is worst is i lost my excite to built the arcade stick…

My suggestion is to learn the stick before you jump to a hitbox configuration. Test the waters on a cheap plastic container or something if you want to try one down the line.

Is this a rant or a question? If rant, I think it would be better suited for: Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

If question, maybe here? Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

Thanks for replies. xpulse, you are right i should have posted it in one those threads. Sorry for mess :frowning:
PresidentCamacho, i had an idea after reading your reply. Pretty much resolves my issue :). Thank you.
I will post what i am talking about on my build log.