Can not play the game offline



I been browsing for this problem but no luck, so here I just had to post.

Every time I am online the game works just fine, I can acces single player, multiplayer, play online and so…

Once I get offline from live, the game turns into the demo… It locks single player and everything else, like if I only had the demo, but I dont, I paid and unlocked the full game.

So anyone has this problem? Or is the game just like this?

I want to know because sometimes i cant have xbox with internet acces, and I cant play it by myself :confused: because of this…




it’s because of microsoft’s new DRM. its not possible to play without an internet connection if its not the original console. this is why people get jtag’ed 360s nowadays…


I see, thanx for the input, i will look into it then.


Ok I did look into it, so here is the thing…

I changed to a new console for what ever reason right? So all my content was register to my last console like rogueyoshi said, so I had to be online to play and use my downloaded content, so if this ever happens to anyone and doesnt know how to fix it…

All you need to do is transfer your stuff to the new console, you can do it on the xbox360 microsoft webpage. And I must say its pretty easy. Just follow the steps there , it will sk you to be online on your new console so it can identify it as the new console to transfer ALL “the rights” of your stuff to it, then you just go to your xbox y there should be there under active downloads.

After i transfered my Liscence or digital rights w/e… the game just works fine now, I can actually play it offline now :slight_smile:

One thing to mention you can only do this once per year.