Can Oni's full U2 be combo'd into?

I’ve seen these videos about fadc into full u2 after ex fireball or reg fireball. Just wanted to confirm that this is possible. If it was, I’m assuming that timing is real tight and not very practical. Those videos don’t make a believer out of me.

Also, I’m open to any possible way to combo into full u2 albeit practical or not.

really wtf was capcom thinking with the u2 motion, I keep missing it here and there and it’s really hard to fadc u2, there’s no solid shortcut for it, couldn’t they just use 2qcf 3xkick button or something, I don’t get it, it’s Oni best ultra but I’m moving back to U1.

Shortcut for half circles in sf4 is

B db d df f d df f

1 half circle then a quarter circle.

This isn’t really a combo into U2 full but it’s the only one I know that doesn’t include FA.
When opponent jumps at you do a light tatsu before they land and immidiately do U2 and you get full animation.

I’ve tried that to get U2 and it doesn’t seem to work for me.

i believe its one half circle, then db, F+ppp

FA2 -> lk. slash -> u2 works at least on boxer; have to delay lk. slash to catch him in an airborne state.

You can link into Ultra 2 midscreen, level 2 focus from a mk hurricane kick, it’s in the oni section of this vid :-

He combos into the Ultra2 with EX Fireball -> FA2 ->:lk: Slash -> Ultra 2

The one where he uses the Tatsu is Tatsu -> FA2 -> Ultra 1. Good find though. :slight_smile:

The following yields Full Animation Ultra 2.

  1. S.:mk: xx EX Fireball xx Level 2 Focus xx U2
  2. C.:mp:(Counterhit), U2 ( you can buffer this and pretty much land it.)
  3. J.:hp:, U2. (this one is a given.)

Edited: I just realized what I said wrong here. Really got to stop posting shit at night.

He got a level 2 focus from mk hurricane kick, the ultra he used was immaterial.

This would be true if the thread wasn’t about how to combo into Ultra 2, but like I said good find.

He’s saying either U1 or U2 would combo in that situation. Dunno if it’s true.

Makes sense, just some miscommunication. (knee), EX Fireball, level 2 FA, Ultra 2 works anywhere on screen, works from a normal jump in or a cross up mk