Can oro really compete?



I am relative new to this game , but all I see people use is ken and chun li

but oro(and 12) seem to be interesting character , therefore I want to learn then

but how do oro fair against others in this game ?


I’ll try and be objective. since I use and like playing Oro a lot, I could tell you he fairs real well, but that’s not entirely true.

If you look only at the tools that Oro has at his disposal, I would say his in the upper middle class.

-He’s got varying anti-air tactics, making jump-in parries and such less practical: Air-throw, dash underneath to MP combo starter, simple roundhouse, preemptive parry MP
-good airborne moves including a never before seen (in SF) double-jump, good to be spastic and unpredictable
-good high-low guessing games: HP, xx command-grab
-simple cross-up:
-not so simple but great cross-up: MK and HK chicken kicks
-a command grab you can combo into from a low attack
-all three supers which deal good damage when used right

but then again you’ll be missing some important things,
-his best bet at getting up safely is option-select or quick-rolling. His uppercut move is a wake-up move but doesn’t cut it in every situation. Figure out how to get up against each opponent. They all have different ways of keeping you down.
-His projectiles come out pretty slow, making them only safe at great distances. Use the EX version whenever you can, it fucks ppl up.
-you’ll quickly get obsessed with landing a MP, and forget to play smart.
-all in all, the trouble you go through to get a juggle combo started is often not worth it.

This is mostly my own opinion. I’m sure no-one agrees with me COMPLETELY, but as far as I know I’m not a liar :slight_smile:

Give Oro a shot, he’s very good IMO. Play mindgames with your opponent. Build meter doing safe things building a tendancy in your opponent. Then land MP, Superart-combo (SA2 or SA3), and other guy should be dead.

I believe any Oro player can be unpredictable yet effective, since his moves allow you to do so. Train the tengu-stone combo if you play at home, or Yagou-dama unblockable combo (as performed by ME :slight_smile: ) if you play in the arcades.


fug all that! It’s all about the Kishin Riki foo! no really, SA1 is his best art. You can nail the air grab super at 3 points in the chicken combo, the kara’ed standing version has freaky deaky range, more than, the EX version combos off of c.fp, AND EX SA1 is in’friggin’vincible. Oro needs, no, lusts for invincible suppergrab powers. But that’s just my oppinion, I’m still down for yagyou dama action, but I don’t think he can hang as well as Kishin Riki. Invincible super grab makes Oro a complete character.

All in all yes I think Oro can very well compete. He has all the tools anyone needs to compete plus s.rk.

good dash game. (dash throw, dash ex SA1, dash activate SA1, air throw when they panic jump, or standing throw when they freeze or whiff a draon punch or something stupid. dash, dash~dash back s.rk.)

good wake ups. (s.fp, UOH, throw, command grab for parry happy players, xx human piledriver, cross up chicken kick, jump early air chicken kick.)

3 angles of fireballs, don’t be afraid to throw that feirce one out, it recovers pretty fast and can be juggled off of.

Charge uppercut, xx EX uppercut is good long range punishment, jab uppercut is great for beating cross ups.

s.rk, no seriously as if Oro wasn’t a stun monster already his s.rk can be spammed for mega stun power!


SAI is his worst super by far.

sure, it’s invincible, but who are you going to land it on?
it has poor start up, allowing your opponent to jump out of it after
you’ve input the ex grab. And normal activation? Getting caught more than once is cause for immediate teasing.

SAII is good for infinite/unblockable set ups. (repeat unblockable building an endless supply of supers until you reach corner)
once you get to the corner you can play high low game for more dmg. The downside is SAII is that it requires a parry->launcher, or just launcher by itself (no easy task)

SAIII is very good if you can pin your opponent in the corner, or for 60% dmg midscreen. This super, however, is also reliant on the mp launcher (for charging meter and for dmg).
A smart opponent will stay out of the corner and out of range, and then tengu stones become much less useful.

Oro is a good char, but must be played smart and he must take advantage of your opponent’s unfamiliarity of the character.


at 13 frames it’s not too slow to get massive counterhit damage. I use it to punish blocked sweeps and go through supers or whatever. It’s also perfect anti air and a fearsome wakeup. Don’t diss EX Kishin Riki.


It’s horrible anti air and an easy wakeup to bait.

Consider the fact that this is a one shot super with an insanely long bar. That makes this very very easy to bait. (What? you get tons of meter from the chickenstomp chain? Then you should be using SAIII)

Empty jump in, jump out. Your perfect anti air just turned into a wasted super.

Fearsome wakeup? Treat it like a hugo 360. Walk up next to Oro on his wakeup, then jump out. Wasted super. A better wakeup with SAII is uppercut (normal or ex) cancelled into SAII. If your opponent jumps out, he still gets nailed, and it’s safe if blocked.

If Oro is poking around waiting for the perfect opportunity (which may never come against a smart player) then the super makes Oro much less dangerous as a character.

Super I is a flash super / one trick pony, effective at beating down scrubs, useless at high level play.


I didn’t know they could jump out after a jump in. It always looked to me like they got hit in their landing frames. If there is such a thing. You know like, my super comes out just before they land and sort of like, sticks to them and then the instant they land it’s happy piledriver time. I guess I just thought it was bad ass because it can’t be parried and it goes through any air attacks. Still even an empty jump in and out would leave Oro relatively safe right? Probably enough to charge an uppercut if they jumped straight up. Whatever, I’ll need to do more research.

See the thing about wakeups is they’re dangerous by nature, 100% priority ensures an honest game where if you see an attack coming you get guaranteed damage. Just busting your nut because they’re baiting you with full meter is dumb. I’m hurt you assume I suck so bad. Oww. My feelings. Also can’t you just block the ex uppercut and interupt the super attempt?

See the nifty thing about this super, like SA2 is its versatility. Combo off of combo, either right off the bat or just build meter till you can! Combo off of c.hp. Freak people out with activation and air grab them when they expect EX. Jump in out of range after activation and kara grab. Or plain old activate and spam on Oro’s mighty kicks and uppercuts. It’s a fun and intimidating super with more game than say lame old tengu stones.


SAI would be awesome if your opponent was stuck after the flash (like Hugo’s 720 or kara-RD)

Unfortunately, it’s basically a worse version of Alex’s Hyper Bomb
(less damage, more start up?)

–which is too bad, cuz I used to love this super…


note: I didn’t know u can use this to punish blocked shoto sweeps, good to know!


reviving this month old thread just because too much paper talk without experience.

paulee no offense, but the way you describe how bad kishin-riki is and how oro players use it sounds like you’re calling every SAI user a scrub/newbie because if a player is good they wouldn’t activate and let their opponent run. in all honestly, i wouldn’t rank tengu-stones/yagyou dama/kishin-riki above or below each other. they are all equal, but with different uses.

kishin-riki can be combo’d into, ex-kishin-riki can be setup as a trap (knock somebody out of the air with it, with like an rh or if lucky an mk, activate before landing. don’t say it doesn’t work, i’ve done it to many good players before). even though kishin-riki doesn’t have the added defense of tengu-stones, and just because you haven’t seen someone use the super in tournament play (not like you would anyways, how many oros have you seen compete and ranked top in tournaments?.. i know nobody who has the “best” oro… ken yes, yun yes, urien debateable, oro? joke…) anyways, the least you could have done was say that kishin-riki is the worst super, but by far? far from what? -_-’ wish you lived in toronto so i could show you how scary Oro’s worst SA is…

as for oro in competitive play, he’s able and can do a lot of damage if used properly. from his many unblockable setups to the mind games, footsies games. he’s just as powerful as the next character, mind you that maybe he doesn’t have that magical lk chun li has, but then again, chun li doesn’t have untechable throws, unblockable setups and the only thing exclusive to oro himself, his great chicken scratch ‘fill my meter’ combo. seriously though. oro is the best in my book. just depends on how you learn to play him. if you say he sucks, you’re a scrub, but then again most any of the characters in 3S is good if you know how to use them (for the exception of one really awfully design character that so many people think are cool, but has never shown his face and won in a 3S tournament… you can guess who it is)


Also you can use it if someone is playing with shoto’s and they 2 in 1 a FB off of a low forward kick. You can go through the FB with the super. That’s the best thing about that super, but IMO yagu dama is oro’s best super. Besides the unblockables, the abillity to beable to use alot of EX special moves are key to using Oro to his full powers. Without EX moves oro is half the character he can be with EX moves. The stone is not as good as it was in sf3 next gen or 2nd impact IMO. Sure you have the soopa combo that takes 75%, but good luck getting it on a turtling ken or chun li. IMO you need some EX moves you get them out of the sit and wait for you to fuck up so they can low forward 2 in 1 into the soopa. Oro and urien are about being tricky IMO. Don’t rely on any soopa combo unless it’s either one of these 2 combo’s:

  1. Low forward 2 in 1 into the soopa.
  2. Short 3X 2 in 1 into the soopa. Everything else is risky IMO. Unless your fucking (KO) even the some of the best people miss the yun combo’s SOMETIMES :rolleyes: What do I know I suck anyways.:rolleyes:

My 2 cents.