Can people make money off of making Avatars!?


I really want to get into making avatars…but the only program i have is MS paint :frowning: …I think of it as a “challenge” though…my current avatar (evil ryu, and gouki) was made entirely out of ms paint. Anyways back to the subject at hand.

I was just wondering if this was possible…making av’s for big companies and ish.


Well bud i’m sure they can,it’s like most jobs in art you show them you’re work and they will tell you if the need someone who has experience in ps or any other program,why are you looking to be in the graphic industry?.Anyways Tg or any of the other guys should know more about it.


Actually yes i was thinking bout going into the graphic industry :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just wondering because if i could have make avatars and gain money while doing it…It’d be a job where i would be having fun constantly! I just realize however that this question can go aways…like making banners for organized busines sites.

BTW i’ve seen your work tonbarry…Top tier ish man!


Yeah you’re right bud,they will not only want avs but also for you to do like all kinds of other stuff bud.

Hahaha thank you…whenever you want one just post up.

Is that a ring i hear…Requestrequest…why…yes it is.



i make 50k a year doing avs for srk.
seth and ton makes 100k.


WHAT! Thats awesome! How’s that? Do the adminz just ask you to make avs?


Yeah the avatar industry is in a boom phase right now, people need to be represented by custom images more than ever. Go get em son!




Mickey D that av looks familiar. Did you jack someone and put your name on it?



No man…I promise to god i didn’t steal this avatar from some one…it took me a long time to make it though. What i did was I went on Altavista and went to images then typed up Akuma, Evil Ryu, and (so corny) “cool backgrounds” If you go to altavista yourself…you’ll find that all my pics on my av are on there…except Evil ryu…I found it at a site…and theres that little dark space in the corner that came with the evil ryu picture…so what i did there was i typed my SN on Microsoft Word…presed Print Screen…put it in another paint document…edited it up…than put it in mine.

But I promise that i didn’t steal a person’s.

Back to the subject…thanks for answering my questions guys!




just to let you know they were joking really…


:o geez…i’m new



oh god another ms paint person…seth II


Hey i’ll get PS 7 soon enough!


Making an avatar and matching tag isn’t that much different from designing a business card/letterhead combo for a business.