Can PS3 DualShock 3 circuit board be fried from normal usage?

I found a broken DualShock 3 CECHZC2U controller on a free material shelf. It’s was opened, but the cirtuit board doesn’t look like it has been messed around with too much. I looked at the circuit board and I didn’t see any obvious burnt parts. I am trying to determine whether the circuit board is fixable.

What steps do you usually go through to check for circuit problem with a Dualshock 3? So far all I know is the it’s not a battery problem. I can check whether power is going throug the cable socket, and that’s all I got. Not sure where to go from there. Haven’t touched digital circuits in a long time. Analog circuits are so much easier.

Plug the pad in and give it a test drive? You didn’t describe whats wrong with the pad other than its listed as “broken” and there concerns with the battery connection.
You can bypass the battery issue by using a USB cord.

Because I have no idea what’s wrong with the pad. I just found it sitting on a dump and was hoping it was some simple problem that I could fix with my basic electrical skills.

That’s why I am asking the steps you guys usually take to check what’s wrong with them.

I did plug it in with USB, but there was nothing . That’s about as far as I went. I probably need to check the circuit to check what’s wrong with it.

Well testing the pad straight out by plugging it in is most peoples first steps.
If the pad works but acts funny you can take note of the symptoms.

Other than that, its sort of a guessing game and there been several revisions of Sony Dual Shock 3 pads.
So its hard to saw what to exactly look for. I do know that the PCB will not work as intended if that plastic membrane is removed.
That membrane had resistors that are needed for the pad to function.

Also there is a reason most of us shy away from Dual Shock 3 pads, they are a pain-in-the-ass to work with.
You can also inspect the traces for any cuts, scratches or corrosion

Also if water got to the thing why the power is on its most likely dead.

The chips on the PCB do not need to look burnt to be fried. It actually takes very little to fry a Chip, even the slightest amount of static.