Can Ryu excel on pad?



I’m pretty much a beginner (around 600pp) And i’m having trouble sticking with a main character… I’ve tried alot but I’m thinking of picking up Ryu. The thing with him is that sometimes I play good and sometimes I play bad and I’m having alot of trouble starting a combo without jumping in. Also when I try to DP sometimes only a cr.jab comes out. I don’t want to put alot of time into a Ryu then hitting a wall because I’m on pad… So in your opinion, do you think Ryu can excel on pad?


Pad and stick both work fine, people in high level tournaments still do swell with pads so it’s all a question of wanting to put work in.

For combos, what do you mean exactly? Ryu’s combos are generally very simple things - or the like. Solar Plexus Strike(fw.hp) into Shoryuken is simple, consistent, short and deals good damage. You generally don’t want to learn some insane long two-fadc strings first - just spacing and having simple, doable solutions for problems is a more urgent goal. After that’s in place you can work on replacing simple punishes and other stuff (like a plain sweep kick) with more sophisticated responses. The important thing is to have something that works quick.

As for the DP, you are probably pressing the jab too early. Try to consciously wait a short while before pressing the punch button and see if that helps.
Also, be aware that these are all valid inputs for a shoryuken:
forward, down, downforward+punch
forward, downforward, forward+punch (slightly unsure)
downforward, down, downforward+punch

Essentially, the game accepts an input of any foward, any down, any forward + punch as a shoryuken.
A hadouken or a tatsu, in contrast, demand a strict quarter circle. So pay attention to your input and make sure you take the stick all the way to forward and do that conscious wait to ensure you press the button at the correct time instead of too early (forward, down, downforward, forward+punch = hado, a slightly earlier press gives a shoryu)


your topic is an example well done you are practicing better the truth I do not use an ipad


can i please have some input from other players? zombieguts where you at??


Well you can check out my signature, I was able to pull off all the moves with the X360 controller (using analog stick) before moving onto arcade stick. But the truth is, once you start taking this game seriously and all you see is players using arcade sticks and using that becomes kind of a necessity. It may not improve your game in real but will give you confidence. I have used controller for > 1 year and then arcade stick for about 2 years now and I never will go back to the controller. A sanwa stick is the way to enjoy this game.


If Wolfkrone can dominate majors…I’m just saying.


To each player, his own methods and ways to play the game, Yes, Ryu can excel in pad but it has its own limitations, for one, it is hard to gauge the time for links using the default controls, you’ll find yourself relying on the 3x buttons A LOT for ultras and a lack of execution… but then again this was me before i switched to stick. It’s the same really when it comes to the barriers of using the way in which to control your character.

Sticks are ok when you get used to them, pads offer familiarity. Sticks will help in linking, Pads are easier to use in mobility. Sticks and Pads are both used by pros, whether famous or not and even though there is some difference, there is no change in the options you have with Ryu, just how you prepare for his combos which frankly, is quite simple.

It will take some time before you get it down and excel in it, there is no excuse for actual execution and mindset training.Just hit training mode to get them down and you will be able to do stuff that even people using sticks can do!!!

tl,dr? PRACTICE!!!




I played on pad most of the time I have been playing this game,ryu can do fine with it.I ended up switching to stick later though because it is hard to do some things without it,like OS tech with MP and His kara throw.Other than that ryu does fine,and thos problems could probably be remedied with some funky hand motions or button configs.