Can SF IV run on 1080p for ps3?


i thought SF IV can run on 1080p but when i got the game, it runs on 720p only. Is there some setting I can change it to 1080p?


Nope, you can’t even force it.


Read the back of your game. 720p max


360 only supports it at 1080p because the 360 can upscale it. PS3 doesn’t. So the game isn’t running it at 1080p on the 360, it’s still 720p upscaled.

Sucks, I know.


One of the PS3’s heaviest downfalls is that it does not feature a built in hardware upscaler and crutches on a subpar software method for upscaling. The 360 is vastly superior in that regard.

Nice going, Sony.


Nearly all 1080p TVs will accept 720p and upscale. A quality TVs of a good size will cost more than a PS3 (sometimes much more) and I would hope the hardware the TV uses would do a better job anyway.


The game still looks great in 720P, not really the worst thing in the world.


Upscaling sucks no matter how you slice it. Why bother? Blame the dev for not making the game native 1080p, not the hardware.



stop worrying about the game and invest in a good tv


Nah, it would be better to display a game like SF at it’s native res than have the TV upscale it to 1080p because upscaling would introduce more display lag, and SF is a fast-paced game.