Can SFII and SFIV co-exist?

Sorry if this question has already been asked, but I haven’t seen it come up. But with the release of SFIV now in Japan arcades, does this mean that Third Strike will be retired? We all know that typically when a new game of the series hits the scene, then the previous game quickly dies out. We’ve seen it with Tekken, VF, Soul Calibur, and Guilty Gear.

However, despite the fact that 3s has enjoyed nearly 10 years success, this has not stopped ST appearances at tourneys. Do you think that 3s will co-exist with SFIV, or will the game be retired? 3s is still a massively popular tourney game, but I wonder if SFIV will steal some of it’s momentum. While it’s very early to determine SFIV viability as a competitive tournament game, it is likely that the game will definitely be played competitively. It is hard to imagine any major tournament without SFIII on the roster, but I guess this is possible. Let’s hope this game doesn’t die.

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Yes, and anybody who thinks otherwise is a douchebag.

The difference between Street Fighter and Guilty Gear/Soul Calibur/Tekken/Virtua Fighter and the reason SF games can coexist where the other franchise installments cannot is simply this:

Street Fighter games inherit the basic play concept of the previous games, but they are never expansions on each other, which is why there are so many rehashed versions of each installment. ST is not remotely the same game as 3s, same with SFIV. They can easily coexist because it’s impossible to outshine one or the other since they’re so different. The rehashes/revisions of GG/SC/Tekken are just their sequels (and Dark Resurrection teeheee), hence why the new installments end up killing off the previous game’s competitive scene.

They can only co-exist if we let it co-exist.

Third Strike has 16 characters that are not in SFIV. If anything SFIV would kill what’s left of the ST players, since it has 12 of the 16 characters (and the home version will have at least 14/16).

And obviously 3S has a vastly different gameplay system as well, with the parrying and multiple Super Arts.

Never seeing 3S in a tournament setting would be sweet, but not going to happen. Surprisingly, a lot of people enjoy it.

IMO, it seems that SFIV is trying to fix what 3S fucked up. I just think that 3S will never attain “classic” status like ST has done over the years.

They can and will. If anything they’ll compliment each other.

Waiting on “Baaaawwwwwww!” thread regarding EVO snuffing out 3S for SFIV.

Yes they will co-exist.

Especially with 3S, it’s such a different game. The one that might die down a bit could be ST. But not dying down as in actually dying, but just being not played as much as before due to the attention for SF4, I actually don’t think ST will ever die in our life-time in Japan. Once SF4 is out for a good while, ST will start popping back up again.

And comparing it to updates of other games like Tekken/GG whatsoever, you can’t compare those to SF2/3/4. If you were to compare that, it would make more sense to compare them to SF2T, SSF2, SF3.1. SF3.2, etc. Since those are the actual “updates”.

I want to see an SBO with ST, 3S & SF4. But they might have a rule of having an amount of games from the same company? Not too sure on that but it’d be cool.

Well…considering a lot of Capcom players usually have the “latest is greatest” mentality, and for others, the “If it ain’t in tourneys, I don’t wanna play it” mentality applies…some sf game (not sure which) is about to be left by the wayside, if it’s also bumped from the likes of Evo.

3s is already dying and not beause of SFIV

SFII has been existing all the way up until this point. I don’t see why it would cease exist.

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