Can some explain the Dizzy system in remixed. Need Help!


I play exclusively Pink Attired Cammy on PS3 ranked matches. My record right now is 825-292 I have no idea my ranking because I am suffering from ranking bug (0 right now).

Cammy seem to suffer from random dizzying out of no where. The funny thing is that most of my opponent didn’t even know their last hit was going to dizzy me a lot of time I recovered or just get knocked out of dizziness without too much damage, but it is EXTREMELY ANNOYING to be dizzy out of nowhere.


Against Sagat sometimes he would hit me with a jumping round house and a standing mp but messed either his uppercut or fireball combo but I would get knocked back across the screen and be dizzied with stars. Most of the time the Sagat player would jump back once he messed up so my seemingly random dizzy with Cammy even caught the Sagat players off guard.

Against shoto brothers (except Akuma), Cammy would randomly dizzy with a jumping round house and once again standing mp but whiffed uppercut or fireball. Sometimes 2 roundhouse sweeps would dizzy me out of nowhere.

Against Vega, once I get knocked down, they would do their offensive rolls (pretty safe against Cammy since SRK is not invulnerable) but when I messed up my reversal SRK, I would get hit 2 times by the offensive roll but get knocked dizzy seemingly at random.

Against some chars I never seem to get dizzy for example ChunLi and Guile. I trade hits with them quite often but never seem to get dizzy. And I rarely get dizzy against Hondas and Blankas, same thing trading hits very often.

My play style is very offensive. I constantly tick forward->drill or tick->SRK or tick->>>drill or tick->hooligan. I apply pressure to my opponents constantly and rarely I let up the pressuring. So this style trade hits a lot but it is very fun for me to play this way and most of my matches ends before the timer hits 70 against most players.

I want to find out why I get random dizzy for seemingly no reason at all. If I ate a meaty combo, I can accept that, but to get dizzy with messed up combo whiffs is just not right.

Any insight is appreciated!


I didn’t want to start a new thread since this seems to be a similar question I’ve had about dizzies. I’ve searched for “dizzy/dizzies/stun” on this forum and there have only been a few threads.

Most of the time, they mentioned that it is related to the SF3 dizzy system (only that we can’t see it) and that the dizzy time depends on what the last attack was done to get that dizzy … but that was pretty much all the information given.

Is there any more information on how to “reset” that dizzy meter? Or how long the “recovery” meter works?

When I normally play against Sagat and I get hit with some HP/HK/TK, I retreat and move forward again and do a few combos of my own … but then 5 game seconds later when a standing HK comes along, Fei gets into a dizzy. It seems like a long time to all of a sudden get dizzy but that’s what I keep seeing. And it’s usually these dizzies that “come from nowhere” that mess up how I attack. :sweat:

Is there a method for getting a “cool down” period so that the dizzy meter gets reset?

The dizzy systems works on a “points” system. Each hit does a (highly) variable amount of dizzy points that are added to the character when they’re hit. In general special and heavy attacks do more dizzy than mediums which do more than lights. When the total reaches that character’s dizzy limit, they become dizzy.
However, the dizzy points that a character accumulates “drain” pretty quickly over time. Also, the first hit of the round does more dizzy than normal.

So in a nutshell, getting hit a lot in quick succession is the most likely way to get dizzy, and it’s random enough that you can’t really predict it except in a few very specific circumstances.

The “drain” part is what I’m trying to understand, how it gets drained and what affects it. Does crouching and staying still help, does not forcing your character help in this regard? (sounds like rpg material here :rofl:)

Can you expand on these specific circumstances? I don’t want to assume that I know what you meant by this.

In ST, dizzy bleeds off all at once. It’s very much like, if not exactly like the health recovery in training mode. Keeping someone in block or hitstun keeps dizzy from recovery.

After a certian period of time following any stun states, there is a random chance that the stun damage will dissapear - the chance keeps getting greater until they lose the points or the chance becomes 100% - and they lose their points. In the end this means there is a random period of time after they stop taking damage or blocking that the stun damage goes away.

Some characters have shorter “stun bars” than others I’m fairly convinced.

Honda dizzies pretty easy, I don’t know about who else.

Someone posted a chart of a person’s dizzy points limit in ST not too long ago. I tried looking for it but couldn’t find it.

OTTOMH, Vega, Cammy and Dhalsim get dizzied the fastest.

The wiki has some dizzy info:

IMO that list is wrong - Honda dizzies easily.

I ought to play around with my ST ArtMoney table some more, I found some values related to dizzying that I could experiment on. Most of the good points have already been brought up, however (stun meter delivered by any given attack has a random component much like regular damage, stun meter resets to 0 all at once rather than gradually decreasing ala 3S).

There are certain character combos that are guaranteed or have a really really high probability to dizzy. Many characters have them, but most of them aren’t practical in play. Deejay and Bison both had practical ones in ST, although Deejay’s was nerfed in HDR.

Im glad someone made this thread because I have a dizzy-related question:

What (if anything) do the icons that appear over a dizzied opponent mean (e.g., stars, ducks, death-bells) and are they related to how you damage/dizzy your opponent?

Someone mentioned in another thread that the Super Turbo dizzy system was similar to the 3rd Strike system, only that in Super Turbo, that dizzy meter is hidden. I’m sure it’s not all the same, but the meaning behind it should be close enough to get the point across of what each icon means. These two quotes are from the 3rd Strike SRK wiki and EventHubs’ HD Remix Guide

So are you saying that it doesn’t matter how much you make the meter exceeded by, it’s only the last hit that matters?

So lets say that someone is almost dizzy - one more hit makes their chance reach 100%

Now if they are hit by a special hit like a jab fireball they get level 3 dizzy. (out of 6)

But if they are hit with a 7 hit combo, it’s only level one due to being triggered by normal moves?

Or better yet - does Chun Li get level 5 dizzy when she hits with the Super, but only level 3 if she juggles the upkicks afterwards? So both times she hits with the Super, but the time she does even more damage, there’s less stun because she added a non-super at the end.

Seems counterintuitive - is all this true?

The game doesn’t wait for your combo to finish before it dizzies. An opponent can even be dizzied by the first hit of a super, causing all other hits to whiff.

P.S. To the original post, cammy’s SRK will beat vega’s roll every time.

I recently got reapers of a combo by Dee Jay and it was a normal that dizzied me - I think there may also be a factor built in of how much “excess” stun damage they have before they dizzy.

According to the 3S chart, the max stun of a normal is equal to the min stun of a super - since I got reapers off a normal, does this mean that supers always do reapers if they dizzy?

This has helped me incredibly. I had a lot of trouble avoiding being dizzied due to not really understanding the drain system. Now I know a bit of dancing and dodging goes a long way.

wow a great thread… i wish a expert would come in here and give some reliable answer to our questions or maybe that’s asking tooo much. lol

I had something happen to me today that’s never happened since I started playing ST so many years ago: I was using Ken vs. Ryu (online)…Ryu hit me a couple times in a row, then threw me…into a dizzy. I’ve NEVER seen anyone thrown into a dizzy state before. Is this normal (I don’t necessarily mean “common”) and I’ve just never seen it, or is something screwy?

It’s normal. I’ve seen Zangiefs dizzy people with SPDs.

Also, there is a glitch associated with this. Once you are dizzied by a Throw, the person getting up can no longer be thrown until they get out of the dizzy! So whenever Honda, in vanilla ST, dizzied someone with the Oicho Throw, he could NOT Oicho Throw them again!!

I THINK they fixed that bug in HD Remix, but I can’t remember. It’s so minor of a bug, that I don’t think it matters anyhow.

  • James

Some characters have a much greater impact on the invisible dizzy bar. The reasons for this ought to be obvious, given how they play (Dhalsim and Gief for example):

  • Dhalsim (especially! Try landing his headbutt after a normal and you’ll find yourself with one out-of-their-head opponent)
  • Zangief (three heavy hits relatively quickly and you’re FAB fodder)
  • T. Hawk (shame he sucks tho)

To a lesser degree:

  • Dictator (his standing heavy kick is ghastly on the dizzy meter)
  • Akuma (cross up forward, crouch forward, hurricane = instant dizzy on most characters)
  • Sagat
  • Claw
  • Boxer (??? Unsure about Boxer. I don’t get dizzied much by him, I usually just get outright KO’d :D)
  • Fei Long (Two crouching fierces :smiley: And if that doesn’t, just land a jumping forward thereafter.)

The rest of the cast are relatively samey, though I’ve found Chun Li to be ideal at dizzying. Likely because she’s so fast and can string together many hits in a short period of time. This also applies to a lesser degree to Cammy.

I’m a Ryu player and whats cool about him (as illustrated in a previous post) is that he can take a solid beating and can often withstand being rendered dizzy by stuff that would otherwise dizzy many characters. If you dizzy Ryu with a character not listed above, you’re doing pretty well. It takes a lot to crack his head open :smiley:

I’ve also found an effective way to dizzy in ST is to actually combo with a variety of normals. Strongs and Fierces, Forwards and Roundhouses. Mixing it all up seems to be an ideal way to summon birdies.