Can some one burn 3s on dc for me

can some one burn 3rd strike on dc i am a marvle player geting into 3s and i dont have enough money to buy the game was wondering if some one could burn it for me and send it and i can paypal u a few bucks for your troubles i hope there some one out there cool enough to do it for me thanks <3

Yeah, or I can link you to Rom’s or torrents for the .iso. Want some peoples credit card numbers too?


google is your friend man…sorry we cant help you here

Done. Got it here. Come get it.


u did it for me cryod ?

Dude wtf? for real. The iso is everywhere for real

I’m asian I dont pirate.

That’s like saying “I’m black, I dont eat chicken”

piracy is against srk’s rules. seriously though what kind of marvel player doesn’t know about the tdc.